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Clauzia Sarohart

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Clauzia Sarohart
Sarohart in December 2020
1st President of North Ethalria
In office
5 October 2021 – 2 January 2022
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byImrenzie Magolen
2nd Prime Minister of Vöhmia
In office
10 June 2019 – 5 October 2021
DeputyImrenzie Magolen
Preceded byLupita Funkel
Succeeded byposition abolished
Overseer of the North Ethalrian Confederacy
In office
1 September 2019 – 5 October 2021
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byposition abolished
Leader of LIRES
In office
5 October 2021 – 2 January 2022
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byImrenzie Magolen
Leader of the Vöhmian Workers Party
In office
13 April 2018 – 5 October 2021
Preceded byJina Xurzese
Succeeded byposition abolished
MP for Börinstadt
In office
14 January 2021 – 5 October 2021
Preceded byLyn Turic
Succeeded byposition abolished
MP for Silbertal
In office
18 February 2019 – 14 January 2021
Preceded byJoan Lukista
Succeeded byLyn Turic
Chief of Propaganda for the Vöhmian Workers Party
In office
15 March 2018 – 13 April 2018
Preceded byRita Schmidt
Succeeded byGloria Tassenburg
Personal details
Clauzia Mirajane Sarohart

(1981-03-09) 9 March 1981 (age 43)
Wüller, Ethalria (Matriarchy)
Political partyVöhmian Arbeiterpartei
AwardsArkian Campaign
Military Medal
Military service
Allegiance Matriarchy of Ethalria
Branch/serviceEthalrian Army
Years of service2001-2017
Unit21st Infantry Regiment
  • Arkian Civil War
  • Belstradt
  • Hetzë
  • Auroran-Cerenerian War
  • Arkenvel
  • Karinthus

Clauzia Mirajane Sarohart (born 9 March 1981 - disappeared 2 January 2022) was an Ethalrian politician who served as the first President of North Ethalria from October 2021 until her disappearance in January 2022. She held the office of Leader of LIRES.

Sarohart was born in the Matriarchy of Ethalria and was raised in Wüller. She attended a military academy and was deployed as part of a peacekeeping force to the Nilovian region during the Salovian Civil War. Sarohart was decorated for her service in the Ethalrian Army in the Arkian Civil War in 2004-05 and later the Auroran-Cerenerian War. After her injury in the Battle of Karinthus she spent over six months recovering from a tibia fracture in Silbertal. There in February 2018 she joined the Vöhmian Workers' Party, gaining popular support with her rhetoric against the divisions set in place in postwar Ethalria. By April she become its leader. Sarohart became the MP for Silbertal in February 2019 general election and became a major proponent in the exposure of the Funkel Scandal and the ousting of Conservative government.

Sarohart became the second prime minister of Vöhmia in June 2019, forming the first coalition government with the Jemima Leubel's Vöhmian Unionist Party. A month later Leubel was killed in the Muren Train Bombing and Sarohart became the face of a national scandal, though a police investigation proclaimed her innocence. When members of the Vöhmian Socialists Party (VSP) and VWP led a coup d'etat in August against Sarohart at Phoenix House, Sarohart narrowly survived and through legislature banned the VSP, and any communist party from politics. Through later patent from the late Kotherian Prime Minister Gweneth Moor, Sarohart formed the foundations of a North Ethalria through a de jure confederacy of equal states. A second election was triggered at the coalition's dissolution in December 2020. Sarohart formed a majority VWP government in 2021, where she also served as MP for Börinstadt.

Sarohart's initial foreign policy involved furthering trade deals with Great Morstaybishlia to agree with Barvata's terms to the Ocean Access Deal. She became instrumental in the founding of the Ethaln League to further align the interests of the Ethalrian-speaking nations of Aurora.

Sarohart had inherited a country close to bankruptcy following the Auroran-Cerenerian War and beset by food, housing and resource shortages; despite the nation having been run under Conservative administration for nearly one and a half years. Encouraging private investments and receiving loans from Morstaybishlia and Arkalarius, Sarohart oversaw the largest infrastructure investiture since the late 1970s, rebuilding cities, roads, flood defences and the military.

In January 2022, home security footage captured Sarohart packing a suitcase into her car and driving off of her property. Despite an enormous investigation and search party, she and her car were never seen again and her disappearance spawned a number of conspiracy theories. She was succeeded by long-time ally, Deputy Chairman of LIRES and former acting prime minister of Vöhmia Imrenzie Magolen on an interim basis, and then permanently. Her disappearance was commemorated in many ways, including by the establishment of the Clauzia Sarohart Memorial Car Factory Complex in Karinthus.

Early years

Childhood and education

Clauzia Sarohart was born on 9 March 1981, in Wüller, during Sofura's regime of the Matriarchy of Ethalria. She was the third and last child to Edrena Sarohart (1942-present) and Hans Sarohart (née Smitga; 1925-1992). The Saroharts were sharecroppers and their ancestral home was Benzfeld, a small village near Aerundel-on-Ider, until Clauzia's parents were forced from their property when Morstaybishlia took control of the Marislian region during the Auroran Imperial War.

The Sarohart ancestral home, pictured in the early 1960s

As a child, Sarohart was a loner with mood swings and an explosive temper. Her family moved from Wüller to the village of Küsbeskirchen. She grew up in the northern countryside around the towns of Millestätt, Wupoßwalde and Schlickburg, where she attended first school. Her father died of oesophageal cancer by the time she was eleven. When she was fourteen and on her way to second school she was harassed by a gang of men who wanted to rape her, but she was saved by her brother Kimber and his friendship group who fended them off with sticks and stones. In 1995 she began a brief stint as a shop assistant to help support her family which coincided with her second school exams.

The loss of her father stayed with Sarohart throughout her life. She later stated:

"He died when I was only eleven. I remember how much of a lovely, kind and warm person he was for the family. When I attended his funeral I remember saying my final goodbyes; they were heart wrenching. Can you imagine saying your last farewell to your father? When he passed away, he took something of me with him. I still haven't found what it is."

Early adulthood

When Sarohart completed second school at sixteen she moved out from Küsbeskirchen and took up a job in the postal service. At the time she was living in Nirenach, a town ten miles from Wüller. When she was seventeen she expressed her unpleasant experience in the job to her family and friends who later urged her to sue her male colleague Frederich Nunes for sexual harassment and gross misconduct, to which she was successful and received a lump sum of ♅5,450 in compensation. Nunes was later jailed for a separate conviction of molestation. A year later she quit her job in the postal service to pursue a more "advantageous career".

Military career

Salovian Civil War

Sarohart completed her basic training between 1999-2000 at Wüller Military Academy. She enlisted as a private in 2001 at the age of 20, where she was sent as apart of a peacekeeping operation to the Nilovian region in Tuvaltastan during the Salovian Civil War where she helped the import of thousands of tonnes of food, medicines and essential items to war-stricken families. She was there for a 14 month rotation until recall in 2003.

Arkian Civil War

Between 2004-2005 Sarohart was deployed to Arkalarius to support the Imperialist faction of the civil war. The fascist stance of the Matriarchy much favoured an imperialist victory over communist. She fought in two important battles; the Seige of Belstradt and the Battle of Hetzë, where the latter she received the Military Medal for bravery after taking a defensive stance in a building against upwards of thirty opponents to protect a civilian family caught in crossfire. She received the Arkian Campaign medal in 2006.

Auroran-Cerenerian War

When Sarohart was deployed in May 2017 she was a Lieutenant. She led a platoon in the offensive into Caltharus, where she lost twenty four of her forty six platoon mates during an ambush at their camp at 02:44. She was relocated to the western front where she defended from a Morstaybishlian-led invasion, though after a month it culminated in the defence of Arkenvel. Harimann ordered a general retreat from the northern cities to defend the more strategically important of Irvindel, Rorikton, Karinthus and the capital, Ribenstadt. Sarohart was sent to Karinthus where she engaged in street-to-street gunfight, at one point she described her position narrowly being overrun.

Sarohart was shot in her leg and was incapable of continuing her fight. She was evacuated on a train to Ribenstadt where she was assessed. A surgeon team removed a bullet from her leg which had pierced her tibia bone and splintered it into her muscle and connective tissue. According to surgeon notes, one bone fragment measured 12mm long and missed her anterior tibial artery by less than 2mm which would have been fatal. Along with many others in her situation she fell under the rehabilitation program and was sent to a rural community far from the front to recover. Sarohart was sent to the village of Silbertal close to the border with Drakaland, then the Republic of Ethalria. Her injury, and then the dissolution of the Matriarchy effectively ended her military career.

Entry into politics


Sarohart spend over six months recovering from a tibia fracture from the Auroran-Cerenerian War in Silbertal, an old rural mining community in the west of the Matriarchy of Ethalria, later Vöhmia. Sarohart grew ill contempt of the fracturing of the Matriarchy into four nation states; Vöhmia, Faethalria, Kotheria and Thalria - overseen by at the time Prime Minister Walter Johannes of Great Morstaybishlia.

Shortly after being able to walk independently, Sarohart discovered that Silbertal was the headquarters of a near decade-long minor political movement that had hitherto been unsuccessful. She joined the Vöhmian Workers Party in January 2018. Sarohart soon befriended their leadership, particularly Imrenzie Magolen and Kiara Lunenburg.

Chief of Propaganda and oration

Her public speech in the Weißer Fasan, Ohmnervel, 2018

Sarohart discovered a since unknown knack for public speaking after stepping in for Kiara Lunenburg during one of her planned lectures in January 2018. Her public speaking originated in pubs and lecture halls in Silbertal and Kalingsa, before moving into the cities of Ohmnervel and Wüller. Sarohart soon became the lead vocalist in their tavern lectures, where her oratory and propaganda skills were praised by her party leadership. Jina Xurzese appointed her Chief of Propaganda in less than two months of being a party member.

Over time, Sarohart demonstrated oratory strength and began to transform a once unknown and localised political party. Sarohart organised their biggest meeting, which exceeded 2,500 people on 15 March 2018 in the Ohmnervel tavern Weißer Fasan, which became a huge success and turning point; receiving booming applauds as she cast her opinion and threw insults at the Conservative government, blaming them for many depravities, including their living conditions imposed by their slow policies and the presence of an occupying Great Morstaybishlian armed forces which she described as "oppressing, backwards and wrong". As Sarohart became the lead party speaker and Chief of Propaganda, the VWP became recognised in the media for its transformational effect and its huge incline of membership through its pan-Ethalrian, nationalistic and anti-communist rhetoric; though Sarohart reigned in her explicit anti-government and anti-Morstaybishlian occupation sentiments when police began monitoring her public speeches.

Becoming party leader

Clauzia Sarohart in 2018

Sarohart and Imrenzie Magolen were on a trip to Karinthus in early April when a mutiny broke out within the VWP. Members of its executive committee including the founder, Jina Xurzese, wanted to merge with the rival Vöhmian Socialist Party led by Hanna Boeler. Sarohart returned to their new Ohmnervel headquarters and angrily tendered her resignation. The committee members realized that the resignation of their leading public figure and speaker would mean the end of the party. Sarohart announced she would rejoin under one condition- that she would assume party chairman as replacement for her former mentor Jina Xurzese and that the party headquarters would remain in Ohmnervel instead of merging into Karinthus. With some hesitance, the committee agreed, and she rejoined the party on the 9 of April as member 4,380. In the days following, Sarohart organised several tavern speeches that were, on the night, absolutely packed, and defended her new position to vibrant applause. Her strategy proved successful, and at a general membership meeting she was granted absolute powers as the party chairman with zero votes against.

When she rose to party leader and chairman on the 13 April 2018, she immediately resigned as chief of propaganda, although the position had been initially suspended during her absence. She appointed Gloria Tassenburg to replace her. Sarohart expelled Jina Xurzese from the party shortly after, some time in April, and publicly denounced her for ideological betrayal and negligence to the party.

Entering parliament

In January 2019, Lupita Funkel failed twice to rally a majority of votes in parliament which would allow her to send forces alongside Faethalria to deal with the Southern Auroran Front; requiring 209 of the 211 conservative seats she held but only achieving 205 because of backbench Conservative rebels. She called an early general election to be held in February and the Opposition Leader Carla Schmidt agreed, whipping her party to unanimous vote.

Sarohart elected over one hundred members of her party to run for seats for the election, targeting swing seats of Labour and the Unionist Party. She installed a hard work ethic in the running party members and fiercely campaigned herself in the Silbertal constituency, which was a gamble as it was held by a 21 percent Conservative majority of votes. Her efforts paid off, and her party entered parliament for the first time, winning 34 seats of their fielded 104 in their first election. Sarohart gained a 10 percent majority of votes in her own constituency. Alongside Sarohart, both Kiara Lunenburg and Imrenzie Magolen entered parliament.

Exposing Lupita Funkel and ascension to prime ministership

In May 2019, Sarohart declared to parliament that Funkel had been stealing money from public sectors after Tell The Truth (TTT) published their findings online on Funkel the day before. Funkel was subsequently investigated and was found to have been fraudulently stealing funds in micro doses across multiple sectors of government. The Conservative Cabinet was investigated alongside Funkel and found that all members were guilty by involvement or guilty by knowledge. Funkel and members of her cabinet were trialed in front of the Vöhmian Supreme Court and subsequently sent to Detention Island's Dog Post Prison with the chamber calling for a new general election. During this time, Sarohart campaigned immensely, introducing her planned male social reforms which was displayed primarily by her introduction of the Männer Soldaten (MS), a paramilitary force run by men within the party; the first time in which a military or paramilitary in the Ethalns had been led by a male in over 500 years, in which she enlisted the leadership skills of Brookmar Von Fansburg and Waltar Eustmach. On the same day and to Sarohart's disapproval, Marza Leuredofer, a key ally and the leader of the Schutzeinheit (SZ; Sarohart's first paramilitary corps) made several bold statements to merge the SZ and the Vöhmian Army which caused significant consternation within the army's hierarchy.

Regardless of the consternation between Sarohart, Leuredofer and Vöhmian Army officials, the VWP gained a record 165 seats but their total of 199 was not enough to form a majority government.

Prime Minister: 2019-present

Exposing to wearing scandal

Collapsed ceiling in the train tunnel that was bombed near Muren train station, killing the Unionist MPs Jemima Leubel, Mia Bosch, Oliver Munnetbach, Vivian Eckas and Mia Jothstag

In late July 2019, Sarohart was accused of the Muren Train Bombings which killed several Unionist MP's including her coalition partner Jemima Leubel. National news broadcasters and papers accused her of the murder as CCTV footage showed a camouflaged jeep from the Schutzeinheit (SZ) enter a train tunnel with a tonne of explosives and leave without any. Shortly later, a train entered the tunnel and never left, the detonation collapsing the tunnel and killing everyone inside. Clauzia greatly affirmed that she was not responsible and soon drew to conclusions that it was Marza Leuredofer's ambitions to overthrow her. She dismissed Leuredofer from her position as Stabchef of the Schutzenheit. Leuredofer conspired with socialists Hanna Boeler and Jina Xurzese to coup d'etat Sarohart's government. On 20 August 2019, when the socialists orchestrated an attack to what would be the failed communist revolution in the Workers' Party headquarters; the Phoenix House Gunfight, that Sarohart realised the train assassination of Jemima Leubel and her comrades was apart of this greater plot to overthrow the government. She condemned and exposed these actions to the world press and a police investigation found her not guilty.

Drastic economic changes

Typical, simplistic architectural designs implemented by Sarohart, more commonly known as Saroist architecture. Housing (left), flat complex (right).

Sarohart set out fulfilling her June 2019 campaign promises. She had claimed that the current economics were in a dire state as a result of previous administration not implementing steps to tame an economic depression from the dissolution of the Matriarchy and the Auroran-Cerenerian War.

Sarohart encouraged private investment in the economy. In July of 2019 she flew to the capitals of Great Morstaybishlia and Arkalarius, Sani Bursil and Freyaelv respectively; and whilst reviewing the relationship between their nations requested to take out loans to properly reconstruct the economy. In her meeting with the MBE PM Franklin Barvata, Sarohart secured a loan of 9.4 billion KRB that would be paid off over the course of fifty years with a 0.02 percent interest rate. In her meeting with the Arkian Kaiserin Ilse Erika von Freyaelv, Sarohart reportedly secured a loan worth 5 billion KRB.

Following the damage to roads, train lines, bridges, communication and network infrastructure in the Matriarchy's attempt to prevent the line of contact from reaching Ribenstadt in the Auroran-Cerenerian War, as well as the destruction of over one and a half million homes; Sarohart set out in a nationwide program which supported employment and a national effort to rebuild. Alongside rebuilding the broken, she set the nation in a direction of improvement, building new projects from new motorways and roads, investiture in both nuclear power and green power, opening up mineral pits and creating affordable home ownership and shared ownership schemes. Between June 2019 to December 2020, Sarohart cut the 2 million homelessness in half and unemployment by over a third which was at a staggering 15 percent, from 5.9 million to 2.35 million.

Phoenix House Gunfight to Ocean Access Deal

Sarohart's official portrait in early 2020

On 20 August 2019, Marza Leuredofer, the deposed Schutzenheit stabschef leagued with the Vöhmian Socialist' Party in an attempt to coup d'etat Sarohart's administration and create a far-left socialist Vöhmia.

50 Feuertrupp paramilitary soldiers, 35 of which were Sozialistische Kämpfers and 15 loyalists to Leuredofer, stormed and executed 24 unarmed soldiers in the Blitzkraft guard house before storming Phoenix House. Sarohart became aware of the coup d'etat as it entered the main section of Phoenix House. There was a fierce firefight between paramilitary forces, though the Feuertrupp killed all of the Blitzkraft guards and made it to Sarohart's office where she, along with five other Vöhmian, three Kotherian and six Baykalian politicians sought refuge. Sarohart narrowly escaped the firefight with her life, using her Kafvoer Luger 22 to defend herself. Sarohart suffered a bullet wound to her shoulder but it healed fully after a few weeks.

Before the attack on Phoenix House and during a summit with Auroran leaders, Prime Minister Gweneth Moor of Kotheria gave Sarohart a Letter Patient from the government of Kotheria to form a confederacy which would see the five Ethalrian-speaking Vöhmian states of Rauma, Nirvon, Vügarnitz, Deloria and Neuza, as well as the five Ethalrian-speaking Kotherian states of Audervel, Ukst, Rorik, Aalzing and Dolsche form a confederation. Sarohart declared her intentions to go forward with her "final wish" in the coming month after her injury healed to discuss how the balance of power will be established. Sarohart also revealed in an interview that the former Matriarch Amalda Harimann sacrificed her life to save hers. She stated that Amalda was working in secret for Lady Posol.

"I had no idea that Amalda Harimann was in the same room as me. They all wear masks and identifying people becomes very difficult."

Sarohart and Magolen attended the funerals of Kiara Lunenburg, Ursula Mayr and attended Amalda Harimann's funeral which was in Rerikdale, Faethalria, on 6 September 2019.

Building a North Ethalria

North Ethalrian Confederacy

Preparing to combine the legislature

Minimum Wage Act

Sarohart motioned and introduced a minimum wage through parliament, following years of her supporting campaigns in an effort to alleviate social injustice. The ♅7.25 an hour rate passed through the legislature in March and was introduced on the start of the 2020-2021 fiscal year, being implemented on 10 of April 2020. Sarohart firmly believed that it will end employer injustices and will aim at boosting the wages of those who have effectively endured a pay freeze as employers argued low wages were necessary for Vöhmian companies to maintain their competitive edge.

Breakdown of the Coalition and election

The Coalition government broke down on 15 December 2020 after a disagreement arose between the VWP and VUP regarding policies and political structure of North Ethalria. VUP members left Phoenix House early and no party communicated with the various media outlets who expected a speech outside.

For one day the VWP led a minority government in the Unterhaus. Various news, radio and papers reported on the breakdown of government. On 16 December, Clauzia Sarohart tabled the Early General Election 2021 Act, where 376-40 MPs voted in favour, with 26 Unionist, 12 Conservative, and 2 Labour MPs voting against. Sarohart left the Unterhaus for a final time when parliamentary session was prorogued that afternoon.

Sarohart and members of the VWP executive committee began drawing up campaign plans for the early general election, though it is reported that Sarohart had already drawn up plans to tour all 416 constituencies that made up the Unterhaus. Sarohart spent most of her campaign days travelling the nation by constituency, and introduced 53 new fielded VWP members. This election was the first time the VWP fielded MP candidates for all 416 seats. Sarohart opted to swap constituencies with VWP MP Lyn Turic after reports in the Labour camp showed they were trying to defeat her in the Silbertal constituency which was not a VWP stronghold seat.

Clauzia Sarohart was interrupted three days after campaigning began by the death of her brother, Kimber Sarohart, who had died in car crash in his police interceptor. Whilst campaigning she took three days leave over two occasions; the first two days were the 21 and 22 December, where was reportedly hospitalised for an unknown reason and where, on the latter day, she visited Kimber's body in the chapel of rest in Bönasch, Sarentria. The third day of leave was on 4 January 2021 where she and her First Secretary Imrenzie Magolen attended Kimber's funeral.

Sarohart entrusted some of her leadership campaign duties to her First Secretary Imrenzie Magolen after the funeral, which marked the first time she had split responsibility in all three of her campaign tours. Opinion polls through the second half of the campaign period was evenly matched, with VWP and Labour both doing well. Sarohart finished her campaign tour in Fensvark City Hall at 20:35 on 13 January, the evening before polling day began. Voting opened to the general public at 00:01 on 14 January.

Sarohart traveled from Karinthus to Silbertal to cast her vote. She stayed at her Silbertal address throughout the day. On 15 January, following the results of the general election she made a short appearance to give a speech to the media outlets at her front gate.

Personal weapon

Sarohart's Kafvoer Luger

Clauzia Sarohart carries around a Kafvoer Luger 22 that she attained during the Auroran-Cerenerian War for personal protection. Gun-laws in Vöhmia allow for Sarohart to open-carry with exceptions. The pistol is designed with a straight blowback action, and is crafted using 7075 aluminium alloy. The gun uses .22 Long Rifle ammunition, with a magazine holding ten rounds. The gun comes equipped with a thumb safety as well as front and rear iron sights. Her modifications include a blackened stainless steel slab side barrel with polished flats, laminated rosewood coloured grips and fiber-optic front sights with two golden devil horns on either side of the pistol grip. Sarohart is not allowed to take it into parliament.