2021 Joralesian attacks

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2021 Joralesia attacks
Part of terrorism in Joralesia
Aftermath: Albon Street, with Helm's East Police Station in ruin
LocationNew Montinay, Lurbin, Swillings, Ewising; Joralesia
Date13:03, March 8, 2021 (2021-03-08T13:03)-
13:39, March 8, 2021 (2021-03-08T13:39) (UTC-5)
Attack type
Suicide bombing
mass shooting
Car bombing
3 AK-15s
1 Beilrout M70
Various handguns
Deaths354 (including 2 perpetrators)
Injured881 (109 critically)
VictimsPolice, civilian, politician
PerpetratorsMembers of Ravenspaw and Greypike cartels

The March 2021 Joralesia attacks were a series of coordinated bombings, shootings and vehicle ramming that occurred on 8 March 2021, that targeted civilian, police and a political targets across four major cities in Joralesia (MBE).

Two attacks happened simultaneously in both Lurbin and New Montinay at 13:03 local time. The first happened in Lurbin where two gunmen stopped a minibus leaving St. Tybalt's Temple carrying 8 Traditional Thaerist men, women and children, lined them up alongside it and shot them. The second happened in Serrin Boulevard, New Montinay where a car bomb detonated and killed 18 people and injured dozens more. Four armed shooters began firing on injured civilians, including the Vothetrian Prime Minister Clauzia Sarohart who was on holiday, accompanied by two Blitzkraft security Klara Arins and Ronja Irvaschko. The shooting injured 6 and killed 19 others, including Klara Arins.

The third attack happened at 13:04 on the other side of New Montinay. A suicide lorry ramming and bombing took place, targeting pedestrians on Helm's Bridge before crashing and detonating over one tonne of explosives in the south wall of Helm's East Police Station, immediately killing 15 on the bridge, 128 in the explosion and injuring 312 others, 42 critically of which 6 died later. The fourth attack happened three minutes later in Swillings at 13:07, where two separate car bombs detonated within ten seconds of each other in busy traffic on the M294, killing 147 people and injuring 541 others, 69 critically of which 11 died later. A fifth attack occurred at 13:39 in Ewising where a bomb in a rucksack was remotely detonated, but was foiled and only injured one person.

The first two of four car bombs used military grade pentolite based explosives, whilst the last two used triacetone triperoxide IEDs. An armed police response to the first car bombing killed all four assailants who eventually identified as Jahn Butcher, Clay Bennet, Richard Queen and Berowalt Berrin. The truck bomber died in the explosion. After Prime Minister Franklin Barvata enacted Black Alert all over Joralesia, a national manhunt eventually apprehended six men, including the two gunmen from the minibus massacre; Marlo Beni, Kael Vospin, Rian Mahuler, Cedric Losther, Eric Goraine and Yharmen Mor. The truck bomber was never identified. All perpetrators were members of the Ravenspaw and Greypike cartels.

Such a coordination of terror attacks had not happened in Joralesia for over a decade, and is the worse series of attacks on Joralesian soil in its history.


Whilst nobody claimed responsibility, the Morstaybishlian government and a separate investigation deduced that the Ravenspaw and Greypike cartels were directly responsible based on physical evidence and evidence attained in the interrogation of the six perpetrators.


Joralesian independence from the Morstaybishlian Empire has been a contributing factor to violence in Joralesia since the 1970s. Cartels were prosecuted and hunted down in the 2000s and it is believed that this is a revival of their independence movement, especially after previous independence-motivated attacks in Caltharus the previous year.


The Morstaybishlian government held a TRIDENT meeting at 1 Flarin Street, Sani Bursil within fifteen minutes of the first deadly attack. Because of the scale of the attack and versatility via multiple methods, a Black Alert was issued for the entire territory which declared that more terror threats were imminent. The army and police was deployed to all major cities in assisting the Black Alert, though mass rioting and demonstrations against the move made it difficult.

  • Lokania - Prime Minister Arngrímur Sigurdarson expressed his 'discontent' with the violence in Joralesia, referring to it as an internal issue of Great Morstaybishlia.
  • The Oan Isles - On 9 March 2021, Prime Minister Maui Uye-Ahua condemned the terror attacks and wished for the safe return of the Vothetrian prime minister in an Official Statement that was Broadcast by Oan News[1].
  • Vothetria - Deputy Prime Minister Deloria Lingurtz made a statement to the NEN defining the intelligence arrangement between both governments in the safety and return of their prime minister. Aside expressing her condolences to the victims, she made no further comment.
  • South Peragen - Prime Minister Tunsedoro Tejedor condemned the attacks stating that "this is just an attempt against freedom and life, no matter the motivations". He also shared his government's concern about PM Sarohart, and offered the government's help if necessary to both Morstaybishlia and North Ethalria.
  • Vistaraland - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Adelbert Wilhelmzoon made a formal statement condemning the attacks and reiterating Vistari support for the MBE in these "troubling times", as well as offering support to Vothetria should they desire it. Lord Minister of Vistari North Gondwana, Ade de Klerk, gave his condolences as well, making mention to the 2020 Leoland attack and calling for "Solidarity amongst the administrations of Gondwana in the name of protecting innocent lives across the continent from the spectral hands of terror."
  • Vivancantadia - Prime Minister Aira Rhusi showed the government's concern over the safety of the Prime Minister's fellow PM Sarohart. She also stated that this terrorist attacks is "A attempt to disrupt the peace that has been reigning over the years." And condemning it. She also reached out her concerns over the safety of the Joralesians that are affected and is willing to send aid to Joralesia if necessary.
  •  Oscrelia - Chancellor Melissa Chester gave an address expressing "grave concern" and stated that she would be willing to render aid to Great Morstaybishlia and North Ethalria if needed. She also stated that she "hoped that Prime Minister Sarohart would recover soon" and that "terrorist attacks such have no place in accomplishing change."
  •  Tretrid - Prime Minister Eoforwine Æthelstanesunu released a statement condemning the attacks "in the strongest possible way," and said that "we stand by our Morstaybishlian friends." He offered "condolences to the people of North Ethalria" and wished Sarohart "a speedy recovery."
  • Aivintis - Newly elected Justice Arthur Frost was quoted in the news saying, “This is a great tragedy, and my heart goes out to the people of Joralesia who have lost loved ones. I hope for swift and indiscriminate justice for the people of Vothetria and Joralesia, and Aivintis stands with our ally against these monsters.”
  • Sokala - President Domingo Rolex released a statement on Pigeon stating, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Joralesia and the victims of the horrific attacks in New Montinay, Lurbin, Swillings, and Ewising. We condemn this act of violence and its evil perpetrators and we hope that our neighbors and allies join us in doing so." [2]


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