Lady Posol

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Her Graciousness, High-Chancellor
Lady Posol
Official Portrait of Lady Posol
High-Chancellor of Biramura
In office
13 March 2017 – position abolished
Preceded byYurivi Gerinedze
Personal details
Born(estimated) (1970-06-22) 22 June 1970 (age 53)
Unknown Location in Fortuna, likely Baronburg
Political partyBiramuran Nationalists
SpouseRemis Posol
ChildrenYolana Posol
Anna Posol
Gregori Posol
Remis Posol III
Elli Posol
ResidenceChita, Biramura

Lady Posol is the pseudonym of a Fortunan-born politician who most recently served as the Chancellor of Biramura from 2017 until her self-imposed exile in October 2021 in relation to the Korobi Scandal and the Assassination of Remis Posol.

Lady Posol was born in the extremely secretive nation of Fortuna, during a time of uncertainty and turmoil. Many experts have pointed to two possible birth certificates fitting Mrs. Posol's description with the names Beatrice Moretti and Elena Renata. A very secretive woman in politics, she is typically seen wearing a face covering, often a masquerade mask for more high-profile events. Mrs. Posol is the current High Chancellor of Biramura, and is the mother of five children with her husband Lord Remis Posol. Mr. Posol is the owner of Posol Industries, the largest company in Biramura and one of a few companies legally endorsed to operate within the nation's borders. Posol Industries is a major logistics and shipping company, and collaborates with Serenitech to supply a number of eastern Auroran nations with goods.

Early Life

No credible accounts of her life exist, due to the secretive nature of her home nation. However, according to Lady Posol herself, she grew up in a very wealthy household somewhere in southern Fortuna, alluding to a life within the city of Baronburg. Many analysts of her life have concluded that she likely is a member of one of the major families of nobility, who possess a great deal of political clout in Fortuna.

War of Aggression

It is believed that, due to her approximate age of 49 or 50 years, she most likely was a refugee who fled Fortuna due to the War of Aggression between Packilvania and Fortuna, thus explaining her residence in former Salovia. Although only a small number of Fortunans fled the War of Aggression and immigrated into Salovia, there are still a number of passengers in ship records that point towards at least five or six possible candidates, most notably including Elena Renata, Lucia Telli, and Violetta Moretti-Ettori.

Immigration to Biramura

Investigators suspect that, as early as 2010, a woman matching many characteristics of Lady Posol arrived in Chita, Biramura. The records suggesting which however were lost in 2016, as reported by the Grand Chita Library.

She is believed to have married into the Posol family some time in 2015, although there is no concrete proof of such, as Biramuran marriage record-keeping has faltered since the Salovian Civil War.

Rise to Power

Serving under her predecessor, right-wing Chancellor Yurivi Gerinedze, she would soon become elected to the position herself, where she appointed a number of close confidants, slowly increasing the power of the Chancellor and reducing the power of the other established branches of government before finally removing their power altogether, re-titling the executive position as High Chancellor.