Imrenzie Magolen

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Imrenzie Magolen
Magolen in 2021
2nd President of North Ethalria
Assumed office
2 January 2022
Preceded byClauzia Sarohart
Prime Minister of Vöhmia (acting)
In office
8 March 2021 – 4 April 2021
Preceded byClauzia Sarohart
Succeeded byClauzia Sarohart
Finance Minister of Vöhmia
In office
10 June 2019 – 5 October 2021
Preceded byKat Ledlarsa
Succeeded byposition abolished
Deputy Chair of the Vöhmian Workers Party
In office
1 December 2017 – 5 October 2021
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byposition abolished
MP for Kalinsga
In office
18 February 2019 – 5 October 2021
Preceded bySaoirse Mambat
Succeeded byposition abolished
Personal details
Imrenzie Franziska Magolen

(1977-09-01) 1 September 1977 (age 46)
Silverdale, Ethalria (Matriarchy)
Political partyLIRES

Imrenzie Franziska Magolen (born 1 September 1977) is an Ethalrian politician who has been the 2nd President of North Ethalria since the disappearance of Clauzia Sarohart in January 2022.

Magolen began her political career in 2004 when she organised and attended an Action for Democratic Change! rally in the Matriarchy of Ethalria, later being arrested and imprisoned for a year for its condemnation of the Sofura regime's response to the Lovian Liberation Front seizing Nilovia in the Salovian Civil War. In 2007 she founded the Vothetrian Workers' Party alongside Jina Xurzese and Kiara Lunenburg, though all efforts to takeoff were oppressed by the government. Magolen was the Deputy Chairman of the VWP from 2017 to 2021.

Magolen began mentoring Clauzia Sarohart 2018. Endorsing her ascension to party leadership after the April 2018 Mutiny, Magolen would become Sarohart's greatest ally, organising and attending many rallies as a speaker. She won the Kalinsga constituency in the June 2019 general election and was appointed Finance Minister until 2021. Magolen survived the Phoenix House Gunfight; a failed socialist coup d'etat attempt by Marza Leuredofer and Hanna Boeler. In the 2021 general election, Magolen took major over responsibilities from Sarohart after the death of her brother, Kimber Sarohart. They led the party to their first majority in the Unterhaus, having previously relied on a coalition with Ana Nreitz' Vothetrian Unionist Party. Magolen later stepped in as acting prime minister after the 2021 Joralesian attacks and was instrumental in preventing a coup d'etat led by Deloria Lingurtz in Vöhmia. Because of these events, as well as being a close friend of Sarohart, Magolen was referred to as one of her most faithful acolytes.

Magolen assumed the presidency when Sarohart disappeared from her home suddenly on 2 January 2022.