Romilda von Anzitter

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Romilda von Anzitter
Anzitter in 2020
Leader of the Marislian Independence Party
Assumed office
23 September 2020
Preceded byAlwin Jordanes
General Secretary of the Nocturnian Independence Party
In office
9 July 2019 – 23 September 2020
Preceded byKarson Blennen
Succeeded byCedric Gerhild
Member of Parliament for Stalzag
Assumed office
25 September 2020
Preceded byAlwin Jordanes
Personal details
Romilda von Anzitter

(1960-08-12) 12 August 1960 (age 63)
Östimte, Ethalria (Grand Matriarchy)
Political partyMarislian Independence Party

Romilda von Anzitter (born 12 August 1960) is a Caltho-Ethalrian politician serving as Leader of the Marislian Independence Party, the successor to the Nocturnian Independence Party, since 2020. She has been MP for Stalzag since 2020, though her party follows an abstentionist policy, meaning she does not take her seat.

Anzitter began her political career in the Nocturnian Independence Party. As a non-parliamentarian she was appointed General Secretary in July 2019. Following Frederich Schneider's arrest after fatally poisoning Alwin Jordanes on 23 September 2020, the party commission held a leadership election but it was uncontested and Anzitter was unanimously voted in as party leader. On the same day, Anzitter resigned as General Secretary. Two days later she won the Stalzag constituency seat against Labour runner-up Bellatrix Kasofager.

Early life

Romilda was born on 12 August 1960 in the town of Östimte during the Grand Matriarchy of Ethalria, where studied. She witnessed firsthand the nuclear bombardment of Ribenstadt during the Auroran Imperial War from her home in the village of Torshenhausen in the Great Zloergen Plateau. She became an orphan age 14 and fled as a refugee to Morstaybishlia.

Romilda became a Vaerist when she was adopted into a Vaerist refugee youth program in 1976, and rose up the Vaerist hierarchy in the town.

After the Auroran Pacific War

Romilda joined the Nocturnian Independence Party in January 2018. She was noted for her passion and progressed through the hierarchy of the political party. She ran for Member of Parliament in Dolmscher but only managed to get 4% of the vote. She elevated to General Secretary under Alwin Jordanes on 9 July 2019.