MBE Conservatives

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MBE Conservatives

Conservative Party
LeaderBenjamin Wardola
Founded15 September 1914
Preceded byNone
HeadquartersSani Bursil, Staynes, Great Morstaybishlia
Morstaybishlian unionism
Economic liberalism
Political positionCentre-right politics
International affiliationNone
Colors  Blue
Seats in the House of Representatives
600 / 1,794

The Conservative Party, officially the MBE Conservatives and also known colloquially as the Conservatives, is a centre-right political party in Great Morstaybishlia. They have 600 Members of Parliament, down 55 the 2021 general election. Benjamin Wardola became the party leader since 26 January 2020, succeeding Berowalt Ase.


Orson Klarass (1917-1922)

Orson Klarass in 1917.

First Conservative Prime Minister.

Frederick Alderman (1922-1924)

Frederick Alderman.

Second Conservative Prime Minister.

Benjamin Baltassar (1932-1935)

Benjamin Baltassar.

Third Conservative Prime Minister.

Samminel Klintani (1945-1949)

Samminel Klintani.

Fourth Conservative Prime Minister.

Ian Crowcasa (1961-1975)

Ian Crowcasa.

Ian Crowcasa became the first Prime Minister in Morstaybishlian history to serve two full terms for a total of 14 years, 14 days; the longest term of any Prime Minister. An economic liberal and imperialist, Crowcasa implemented many historical laws that resonate today. He was the Prime Minister for the entirety of the Auroran-Imperial War, and became known as the War Prime Minister.

Opposition (1975-1991)

The dark years for the Conservatives, they were the shadow of the Democratic and Labour party and dropped to the third largest party. Between Ian Crowcasa and Rupert Sinkasa there was four party leaders. Clara Jemmings was the first and replaced Crowcasa on the 9th December 1975. She lasted until 1978 where she was replaced by Lerluka Cotzira. Lerluka was voted out after 2 years and 6 months; being replaced by Berowalt Jhoges in May 1980. He stepped down in 1985 and was replaced by Lambert Flaxon in October that year. Flaxon was replaced by Rupert Sinkasa on the 22nd October 1989.

Rupert Sinkasa (1991-1998)

Rupert Sinkasa.

Rupert Sinkasa led a coalition between the Conservatives and Liberals for his entire tenure between 1991 and 1998 for a total of 6 years, 9 months and 8 days. He stepped down as party leader on 10th January 1998 as he did not wish to stay in office for another term, handing over the leadership to James Devon who lost the election to Verlhanz Rothgerus on 2nd March 1998.

Ramsay Logrin (1996-1998)

Ramsay Login.

Ramsay Logrin continued the coalition government after Rupert Sinkasa's illness forced his retirement. He was in office between March 1996 and March 1998 for a total of 1 year, 11 months, 8 days.

Opposition (1998-2005)

Ross Engernant replaced Ramsay Logrin in 1998 and led the Opposition until he became unpopular for his opinion of the State of Morstaybishlia crisis during 2003 and was axed as party leader and replaced by Samminel Herinchaw. Samminel was a one-nation conservative but stepped down due to ill health in 2004, being succeeded by the young Walter Johannes. He later retired from politics entirely the same year and died of lung cancer in January 2005 before he could see his successor become Prime Minister.

Walter Johannes (2005-2019)

Walter Johannes running for a third term during the 2019 Great Morstaybishlia General Election.

Walter Johannes became the second Conservative Prime Minister in Morstaybishlian history to serve two full terms for a total of 13 years, 9 months and 23 days. He was the youngest Prime Minister of Great Morstaybishlia in recent history at age 33. He identified as a liberal conservative and served as the Prime Minister during the Auroran-Pacific War. He succeeded Samminel Herinchaw as party leader and managed to reincorporate the State of Morstaybishlia back into the fatherland.

Back in Opposition (2019-present)

Benjamin Wardola after becoming Leader of the Opposition.

After the 2019 Great Morstaybishlia General Election, Walter Johannes was beaten by Labour MP Franklin Barvata. Walter Johannes did not step down as party leader until 1st April 2019, when a successor was found. He was succeeded by Berowalt Ase who served as Leader of the Opposition and party leader until 11th February 2020 where he was axed for continual racism against the Morst Vulpine population and replaced by Benjamin Wardola.