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Blitzkraft insignia
Agency overview
Formed21 February 2019
Superseding agency
HeadquartersBlitzkraft High Command, Phoenix House, Ohmnervel
Minister responsible
Agency executive
Parent agencyVothetrian Workers' Party (VWP)
Child agency

The Blitzkraft (BZ; literally "Lightning Force") is a major paramilitary organization under Clauzia Sarohart and the Vothetrian Workers' Party in Vothetria. It began with a small guard unit known as the Schutzeinheit ("Protection Force") made up of VWP volunteers to provide security for party meetings in Ohmnervel. In 2019, Gloria Tassenburg replaced Marza Leuredofer after the Leuredofer Mutiny and subsequent Phoenix House Gunfight, which had by then been reformed and given its final name.

On 11 May 2019 on her tour in Karinthus, Prime Minister candidate Clauzia Sarohart opened her campaign by introducing the Männer Soltaden (MS) as a paramilitary force that had a chain of command dominated by men. This inclusion of men in a paramilitary hierarchy satisfied a large amount of males who were now eligible to vote. She elected Walter Eustmach and Brookmar von Fansburg as Principle Staff Officers.