July 2020 Kaltariezh attacks

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July 2020 Kaltariezh attacks
Part of Kaltariezh Independence Movements
Destruction from the attack
LocationDelgerdatter and Khauser, Kaltariezh
Date08:36, July 24, 2020 (2020-07-24T08:36)-
10:04, July 24, 2020 (2020-07-24T10:04)
Weapons2 Khadgar tanks
81 Stormgewehr 45, approximately two tonnes of plastic explosives
Deaths136 (67 victims; 69 perpetrators)
Injured71 (36 critically)
VictimsPolice and Civilians
No. of participants

The July 2020 Kaltariezh attacks were a series of co-ordinated terrorist attacks that took place on 24 July 2020 in Barbarus and Jomsgord Provinces, Kaltariezh, Great Morstaybishlia. Beginning at 08:36, one Khadgar tank operated by terrorists alongside 37 terrorists shot and blew up the side of the Barbarus police headquarters building before committing a mass shooting. At 9:06 another tank and gunmen committed a second mass shooting on the Khauser police headquarters. Both mass shootings resulted in a standoff with police.

The attackers killed 67 civilians and police. Another 71 people were injured, 36 seriously. 67 of the attackers also died with two captured while the authorities continued to search for accomplices. The attacks were the deadliest in Great Morstaybishlia since the Auroran Imperial War. The eastern provinces of Kaltariezh were put on high alert for over a year.

Since the attacks, nobody has taken responsibility. Great Morstaybishlia, the UNAC and the NSTO are currently investigating.

In response to the attacks, an undefined state of emergency was declared across Great Morstaybishlia to help fight terrorism, which involved the banning of public demonstrations, and allowing the police to carry out searches without a warrant, put anyone under house arrest without trial and block websites that encouraged acts of terrorism. The eastern provinces of Kaltariezh were put on Black Alert with a curfew of 21:00, football matches and pubs were also closed and non-essential travel became prohibited.