Vothetrian Workers' Party

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Vothetrian Workers' Party

Vöhmian Arbeiterpartei
Party ChairmanClauzia Sarohart
Deputy ChairmanImrenzie Magolen
FounderJina Xurzese
Imrenzie Magolen
Kiara Lunenburg
Founded28 June 2007
Preceded byNone
HeadquartersPhoenix House, Ohmnervel, Vothetria
IdeologyProgressive conservatism
Economic liberalism
Political positionRight-wing
International affiliationNone
Colors  Purple (primary)
  Light purple (secondary)

The Vothetrian Workers' Party (Ethalrian: Vöhmian Arbeiterpartei, VWP) is a right-wing political party established in the Matriarchy of Ethalria on 28 June 2007. Formed initially with ideals of traditional conservatism and the far-right; since the leadership of Clauzia Sarohart the party reformed into ideals more akin with progressive conservatism, Ethalrianism and economic liberalism. The party forms a majority government in Vothetria since the 2021 general election, and also operates as a coalition member to the Tradition for Kothalria Party, which holds government there.

The Vothetrian Workers' Party emerged from the Ethalrian nationalist and populist paramilitary culture, which fought against the communist uprisings in the post-Auroran-Pacific War Ethalns. The party was created to draw workers away from communism and into nationalism. The party fell under direct scrutiny when Party Leader and Prime Minister Clauzia Sarohart was linked with the murder of Jemima Leubel and other notable Unionist MPs, but it was later revealed that it was in-fact orchestrated by Marza Leuredofer to try and seize power. Marza went on to league with socialists and plot to remove Sarohart from office. This became known as the Phoenix House Gunfight, a failed socialist coup. Days later, after exposing Socialist Leader Hanna Boeler, Sarohart called a general election, the second one of 2019, and gained a majority of seats.