Detention Island

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Morstaybishlian Overseas Territory of Dog Islands

Flag of Detention Island
Official languagesStaynish
Ethnic groups
99.7% Human
0.3% other
• Monarch
Lambertus VII
Eduard Raskatute
Marvin Slaughter
• Total
1,014.65 km2 (391.76 sq mi)
• 2015 census
• Density
5.32/km2 (13.8/sq mi)
CurrencyKirib ()
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sidethe left

Dog Islands or Dog Post, known famously as Detention Island around the world, are an archipelago off the southwestern tip of Aurora that makes up apart of the Morstaybishlian Overseas Territories. The population of all the islands at the 2015 census was 5,402 including 1,370 members of staff including civilians at Dog Post Prison. The population does not include prisoners on site, which was 6,421 in 2015. The prison dates back four centuries to 1642.

The Islands belonged to the Kormistazic Empire for centuries, later being transferred to Morstaybishlian sovereignty after the Western Auroran Crusades. Norograd claimed the islands during the Auroran Imperial War, later giving it back in 1975.

Dog Post Prison

Dog Post Prison was established as a cell-house for prisoners on the island in 1642. Over the centuries it remained relatively small until in 1980 where the Morstaybishlian Government invested millions of Kiribs to Project Dogpost. Dog Post Prison is now the largest and most heavily guarded maximum security prison in the world.

In 2016, Lurin Voroletioni, great-great grandson of the last Salovian King Rorin Voroletioni, was sent to Dog Post Prison.

In 2019, Vothetria's ex-Prime Minister Lupita Funkel was sent to Dog Post Prison.