Phoenix House Gunfight

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Phoenix House Gunfight
Date20 August 2019
Result Politicians Victory

Vothetrian Politicians
• Bitzkraft
Kothalrian Politicians

Baykalian Politicians

The Socialists:
• Sozialistische Kämpfers

• Leuredofer Loyalists

32 Blitzkraft †
Clauzia Sarohart
Immima Magolen
Gloria Tassenburg
Nina Noveskhazi
Ursula Mayr
Kiara Lunenburg
Amalda Harimann
Gweneth Moor †
Winifred Mardesch †
Jannice Nirvaka †
Lady Posol
Yolana Posol
Yorov Worovich †
Tivia Firivia †

Jorkovol Wolinski †

Hanna Boeler
Marza Leuredofer
Delores Mankuvich †
50 Feuertrupp
• 35 Sozialistische Kämpfers (3 †)

• 15 Leuredofer Loyalists †

The Phoenix House Gunfight was a failed socialist coup d'état led by Hanna Boeler and Marza Leuredofer on 20 August 2019, attempting to overthrow the Workers' Government under Clauzia Sarohart during a political meeting with Baykalia and Kothalria.

Hanna Boeler led a force of 35 Sozialistische Kämpfers into the Blitzkraft guard house and executed 24 unarmed soldiers before they could alert the house guards. This was coordinated to Marza Leuredofer who leagued with a Blitzkraft officer Delores Mankuvich that was on duty. All of the outside guards were instead loyal to Leuredofer, the former Stabschef, and worked together.

Three Sozialistische Kämpfers and all 15 of the Leuredofer Loyalists were united as the Feuertrupp, and stormed the building, killing all interior guards with little resistance. Nina Noveskhazi, acting commanding officer retreated to the Grand Hall where the politicians were meeting. She had with her a suitcase of six Jericho 941 semi automatic pistols.

The Feuertrupp blew the door down to the Grand Hall using plastic explosives. A gunfight between twenty armed socialist fighters and seven armed politicians ensued. Despite having the upper hand, the socialist fighters were not trained soldiers and rather civilian volunteers for the cause. This and with Clauzia Sarohart, Immima Magolen, Gloria Tassenburg, Nina Noveskhazi all having experience in the armed forces saw the socialists defeated. Before Hanna Boeler could send in her force of 33 Sozialistische Kämpfers, reinforcements arrived after Nina Noveskhazi radioed a the outer perimeter defences for backup.

Fatalities included President Gweneth Moor of Kothalria as well as her two Ministers Winifred Mardesch and Jannice Nirvaka, Minister for the Home Department Ursula Mayr, Foreign Minister Kiara Lunenburg, Baykalian High Council Members Yorov Worovich, Tivia Firivia, Jorkovol Wolinski and also the former Grand Matriarch Amalda Harimann who was a masked member of the Baykalian High Council. On the socialists side, Marza Leuredofer and Delores Mankuvich as well as the other eighteen fighters were all killed.