Arkian Civil War

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Arkian Civil War
Result Imperial victory

West arkian flag.jpg West Arkalarius
Kingdom of tavaris flag.png Tavaris

New MBE Flag.png Great Morstaybishlia
Xiopothos Flag.png Xiopothos

Asendavia Flag 1.jpeg Asendavia (until 2020)

East Arkian Flag 1.png East Arkalarius
Flag of East Germany.svg East Cerdani
DVM Flag.png Durakan Volunteer Corps
Radical Battalion.png Radical Battalion

Durakia Flag.png Durakia

Impark flag1.png Arkian Empire (from 2020)
Eastern Alksearia.png Eastern Alksearia (from 2020)
Meremaa.png Meremaa (from 2020)
Flag norgsveldet.jpg Norgsveldet (from 2020)

Asendavia Flag 1.jpeg Asendavia (from 2020)

Rodenia (from 2020)
Commanders and leaders
West arkian flag.jpg George Gray
New MBE Flag.png Franklin Barvata
Kingdom of tavaris flag.png Endra Tivriš Žovradai
East Arkian Flag 1.png Albrecht von Alstradt
DVM Flag.png Alexander Ruhm
Radical Battalion.png Braller O'Rose
Impark flag1.png Johann von Freyaelv
Flag norgsveldet.jpg Olav
Asendavia Flag 1.jpeg Jon VII
New MBE Flag.png 7,560
Kingdom of tavaris flag.png 7,250
Flag of East Germany.svg 20,000
DVM Flag.png 21,400
Radical Battalion.png 900
Flag norgsveldet.jpg 7,000
Meremaa.png 5,000
Eastern Alksearia.png 2,000
Asendavia Flag 1.jpeg10,000

The Arkian Civil War was a large multi-sided civil war in Arkalarius fought between the West Arkian Republic, the East Arkian Union and the Arkian Empire, which began September 9th 2002, and ended February 8th 2005.

Timeline of Events


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  • January 16th, 2004 - Tavaris formally declares support for the West Arkian Republic. It initially commits 1,250 troops to serve as peacekeepers behind front lines, but increases the number to 7,250 days later.
  • January 24th, 2004 - An airport in Gössenmark being secured by 200 Tavari soldiers is bombed. There are 104 Tavari casualties.
  • January 25th, 2004 - The Sixth Fleet of the Royal Tavari Navy arrives in Georgesstadt, where it would be stationed for the duration of Tavari involvement in the war.


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