Ilse Erika von Freyaelv

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Ilse Erika von Freyaelv
Empress of Arkalarius
Ilse Erika in her official portrait, taken in August of 2020.
Ilse Erika in 2020
Empress of Arkalarius
Reign8 January 2015 – present
Coronation8 January 2015
PredecessorJohann VII von Freyaelv
Born1 May 1988
Pacific Heights, Freyaelv, Arkalarius
Ilse Erika Monika von Freyaelv
FatherJohann VII von Freyaelv
MotherMonika Kaufmann

Ilse Erika von Freyaelv (Born May 1st 1988), is an Arkian noblewoman and politician currently in power as the Empress of Arkalarius. She was coronated on January 8th, 2015, and formerly served as an attorney during her father's reign from 2005 to 2015.

Raised in Freyaelv, Arkalarius, Ilse Erika studied at the Königshochschule and earned a law degree in 2012. She was elected as a state attorney in 2014, making her the youngest person to have ever served in that position. Her law career was cut short in late 2014, upon her father's death, and she was coronated as the Arkian Empress in 2015.

After being coronated, Ilse Erika quickly garnered attention for her more diplomatic approach to foreign politics, and her successful economic programs in 2016 and 2018, which both helped to revitalize the crippled Arkian economy. She has also entered some controversy more recently, and has been accused of conducting illegal military incursions into Karolingia, as well as blamed for the attack on the Karolingian frigate KKS Konstantin Böhm.

Early Life

Arkian Civil War

Post Civil War

Coronation & Modern Life