Lupita Funkel

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Lupita Funkel
Lupita in 2017
1st Prime Minister of Vothetria
In office
12 December 2017 – 10 June 2019
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byClauzia Sarohart
Leader of the Vöhmian Conservative Party
In office
1 November 2017 – 11 May 2019
Preceded byNone
MP for Kausen, Karinthus
In office
25 November 2017 – 11 May 2019
Preceded byNone
Succeeded byWaltar Luur
Personal details
Lupita Jorques

(1973-09-30) 30 September 1973 (age 50)
Marga, Peragen
Political partyVöhmian Konservativpartei
SpouseOliver Funkel
Residence55 Ohm Street, Karinthus

Lupita Funkel (née Jorques; born 30 September 1973) is a Peragian-Ethalrian economist, jurist and politician who was the first Prime Minister of Vöhmia from 2017 to 2019.

Born to a middle-class family in Marga, Peragen, Lupita won a scholarship and graduated at the Imperial Kuthernburg University, where she studied Auroran studies, economics and Staynish. Prior to law school, Lupita worked as a sales negotiator, progressing to become a contract manager at the Vanstone Group. She opened and led the first Vanstone branch in Zensbech, Ethalria in 2005. There she was a fellow at Ribenstadt University, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2011 and gained a postgraduate Bachelor of International Law in 2012. After being called to the bar, Lupita practiced predominantly in international trade disputes. After her marriage and naturalisation as an Ethalrian citizen in 2014, she was elected to represent Ethalria as its justice at the Auroran Court of Justice under the Auroran Continental Assembly.

After the Auroran-Cerenerian War, Great Morstaybishlia and other Auroran powers partitioned Uspalria and Ethalria into five countries. Walter Johannes quickly became an advocate for a non-affiliate of the Harimann administration to become the leader of each post-Ethalrian state, and since Harimann had executed her largest political opponents, Johannes and other centre-right Auroran political leaders funded the establishment of the Vöhmian Conservative Party (VCP) and chose Lupita as their leader. She went on to win the first election in 2017.

Lupita inherited a country beset by food, housing and resource shortages. Lupita enacted austerity measures such as reductions in welfare spending, an increase in VAT, and establishing the framework for some of the smallest local governments in an Auroran nation prior to the 2018 Vöhmian local elections. After Kostorian-Obertonian President Karl Strasser's assassination on live television, Lupita rallied for support in the Unterhaus against the Southern Auroran Front. However, with a backbench anti-war rebellion, she failed to pass two motions to join in coalition with Faethalria to depose of Alexander Vendel as the new president. She called the snap February 2019 election which won her enough seats to pass the motion despite of a growing party rebellion.

Lupita and her government cabinet were accused by Clauzia Sarohart of embezzling million of Kiribs away from public sectors and taxpayers money in early May, a day after the leak website Tell The Truth (TTT) released sensitive data. A police investigation concluded the prime minister and her cabinet had embezzled over 11 million KRB over two years. Parliament voted 397 to 416 in favour of no confidence, and dissolved for the election cycle. Lupita was already unpopular for leaving the country to go to the wedding of Princess Rosamund and Edwin Lamerthy in Syllester Abbey, Redrugus. Morstaybishlian police arrested and extradited her, where she was later sentenced to forty years in Dog Post Prison.