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The Empire of Celannica

Flag of Celannica
Motto: "Forward Into Unity!"
Largest cityZodon
Official languagesCodexian
Ethnic groups
(2017 Estimate)
100% Human
Demonym(s)Celan (Male), Celana (Female)
GovernmentStratocratic Totalitarian Unitary State
• Emperor
Akira Zetta
• Prime Minister
General Zetta
• Field Marshal
Field Marshal Zetta
LegislatureSupreme Assembly
House of Representatives'
House of Councillors'
6/10/1667 - 4/17/1870
• Celannica
4/18/1874 - Present
• Total
137,050 km2 (52,920 sq mi)
• 2017 estimate
• 2017 census
• Density
4,875.73/km2 (12,628.1/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2017 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
Gini (2017)21.6
SDI (2017).855
very high
CurrencyNew Order Firean ()
Date formatMM/DD/YYYY
Driving sideright
Calling code+145
ISO 3166 codeCAA
Internet TLD.cel



Early Inhabitants

First Encounter

Enslavement by Astrania

Human War of Independence

Formation of an Empire

Present Day






Imperial Council


Field Marshals

Prime Minister

List of Ministries

Name in Codexian Minister
Ministry of Agriculture and Food Katarina Nessel
Ministry of Aviation Enri Seiko
Ministry of Communication and Information Julius Sauer
Ministry of Creative Arts Nadja Yuro
Ministry of Culture and Sports Namba Mertz
Ministry of Defense Nero Silvestro
Ministry of Economic and Financial Affairs Cancro Fumi
Ministry of Education and Science Carmine Zaccaro
Ministry of Energy Saul Enri
Ministry of the Environment and Nature Conversation Marc Martina
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Timo Mascia
Ministry of Health and Social Security Arashi Fiorini
Ministry of Interior Affairs Per Fabian
Ministry of Intelligence Reinhold Sepp
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Raddatz Toju
Ministry of Oceanic Affairs Tullio Gekko
Ministry of Religious Affairs Kamoto Kisho
Ministry of Research Hoshiko Mitsuko
Ministry of Resources Adolfo Himmla
Ministry of Robotics Erwin Prager
Ministry of Space Exploration and Research Kanai Korekiyo
Ministry of Terrestrial Exploration and Research Kamei Korekiyo
Ministry of Trade and Industry Teogene Poggi
Ministry of Tourism Poggi Teogene
Ministry of Transport Yamashita Sulzer

Supreme Assembly

Supreme Court

Foreign Affairs

Law Enforcement and Crime

Imperial Armed Forces of Celannica

Main Article: Imperial Armed Forces of Celannica

Imperial Naval Force

Imperial Air Force

Imperial Ground Force

Crimson Defensive Militia






Science and Technology

Space Exploration and Programs














Celannica's cuisine is based on the Golden Gulf Diet which uses meat, fish, pasta, fruits, and vegetables. The Golden Gulf Diet, originating from southeast Celannica, is known for its dishes simplicity and variety as well as relying on the quality of its ingredients. Despite decades of nationalization, high cuisine diversity and provincial differences have continue to exist mainly due to local and familial traditions being strongly held. Celans and Celanas mainly consume light, healthy food, but despite the Golden Gulf Diet meant to be a healthy national diet, Celans and Celanas have continue to eat sugary goods such as caek and chocolate.

Celans and Celanas drink a wide array of beverages from chocolate milk to energy drinks. Tea and coffee are two of the most popular drinks regularly consumed. Soda made in Celannica have a lot of sugar and thus satisfy Celannica's sweet tooth. The most popular alcoholic drink in Celannica is a red wine called Crimson Rage although its high price limits the drink to only those in the high class.

Music and Dance


Fashion and Design


Literature and Theatre


Men and Women

Family Structures


The Empire of Celannica, as a highly militarised society, is naturally home to a wide variety of competitive sports. Seen a


Martial Arts

National Holidays and Festivals

Date Official Codexian Name (Asmekhi) Description
January 1st Cleansing of the Empire
(Deleantur de Imperii)
Celebrates the beginning of a New Year as well a fire ritual for Risnia, the Eternal Fire God, to 'cleanse' the Empire of her past sins and stubborn demons.
Feburary 5th Chocolate Lovers' Day
(Amantium Scelerisque Diem)
Celebrates the Empires famous yet obessive sweetooth for chocolate of all flavours and origins.
Feburary 14th Passionate Unions' Day
(Dies Unionis flagranti)
Celebrates the strong love and friendship the Celans and Celanas have for eachother.
March 17th Tears and Scars Remembrance Day (Sed cicatrices et lacrimis Memoriam Day) Remembers the atrocities commited by the Empire of Astrania during the destruction of the Tripartite Kingdom and occupation in modernday Celannica.
April 18th Foundation of the Empire
(Fundamenta autem de Imperii)
Celebrates the birth and evolution of the Empire of Celannica.
May 16th Labors Day
(Dies laboris)
Celebrates the hard work and accomplishments of the Empires workers.
June 12th Firean Day
(Dies Ignis)
Honors the Empire's allies as fellow brothers and sisters. The defunct Fire Pact Alliance is frequently praised alongside the new United Phoenix Nations. It is not uncommon for joint military exercises to be held on this day.
June 23rd Red and White Rose Day
(Et rubrum dies Alba)
Celebrates the Empires ancient past, traditions, and ancestors. The day uses a unique rose called the Solidarity Flower, a rose that blends crimson red with creamy white, which is then worn for several days after as a sign of respect for the past.
July 4th Dogs and Tanks Day
(Dies et canes Lacus)
Celebrates two popular objects in the Empire: Dogs, or more commonly called doggoes or doggies, and a wide range of tanks.
July 15th National Unity Day
(Nationalibus Dies Unity)
Intended to untie the Empires diverse races and ethnicites, it celebrates the Empire's decades worth of collective success, fosters nationalism, and heavily encourages to destroy any 'mental' barriers.
August 1st Heritage Day
(Dies Hereditatem)
Celebrates the Empire's origins as written by the National Religion, Raizor.
August 7th Royalty Day
(Regium Diem)
Celebrates the history and remarkable achievements of the Zetta Family Dynasty.
September 10th Risnias' Reclamation
(Ignis Lenimentum)
Honors Risnia through a wide variety of rituals and events. It is widely believed that Risnia will grant blessings to a select few that prays to him.
October 13th Ashes to Ashes Day
(Dies favilla et cinere)
Celebrates the life, death, and eventual resurrection of the deceased.
November 28th Veterans' Day
(Dies Evocatorum)
Celebrates Celannica's Imperial Armed Forces military as well as its history and the Fallen Heroes. Massive military parades in major cities.

Notable Individuals

Notable Places