Ankyela Iskoliyey

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Ankyela Iskoliyey is the party leader of the Vekaiyun Conservative Party in Vekaiyu. While elected to the Ropke as a member of the Vekaiyun Progressive Party, she had grown increasingly disenfranchised with the direction of the party and of the Premier of Vekaiyu, Ikrisia Levinile. Her outbursts and vocal opposition was followed in broadcasts produced by V3 News Services, among other news outlets. Among such remarks were concerns about a billingual Provinsk, to cultures currently under The Vekaiyun Union watering down Vekaiyun culture, to protesting the travel of The Tangible Remains of St. Aiya.

She is well-known by her looks as well. Her fur was a bright red and white, contrasting her hair, combed straight down with streaks of purple - beet dye - a fashion statement popular among younger people in Provinsk. Her pinstripe suit and her small glasses, which she routinely removed for extra emphasis when she had the floor, has become iconic in the Vekaiyun government.

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