Elana Navinsku

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File:Elana Navinsku Name.png
Elana Navinsku
File:Elana 1 Diving.jpg
Marine Biologist
Gender female
Race Vulpine
Born May 25, 1992
Place of Birth Denur, Vekaiyu
Age 24
Eye Color Dark blue
Height (feet) 5'4"
Weight (pounds) 104 lbs
Religion Vayan Catholicism
Languages Unonian, English

Elana Navinsku is a vulpine marine biologist graduate student who is currently stationed on the The New International Sealab located in The East Pacific realm. Recruited by Vekaiyu, her home nation, she is their sole representative. Details of her business in exploring underwater environments have not totally been revealed, but it is assumed her work will include various testing, analyzing, and exploring.

Known History

Elana prepping for a sea-level dive

Elana was born in the small Vekaiyun coastal village of Denur, a town that is dominated by the fishing industry and has been fairly sheltered from the recent politics of the Vekaiyun state. In this village, children are raised to fish, build ships, live on a boat, and overall live a life dictated by the sea. Elana, however, was slightly different. The life at sea didn't appeal to her, nor did the potential of becoming a mother. Her abilities seemed to reflect her dislike, as she was clumsy and couldn't stand upright on a boat due to her poor balance. Rather than fish, her duties were relegated to tying knots, but only when they needed her.

Generally, she studied hard in class and spent her after school swimming and snorkeling around her home town. It was there she gained a passion for diving, though most of the town's inhabitants didn't understand her or why she wasn't into the typical duties around the town. During high school, she cut her tail off - a common practice among vulpine swimmers in order to significantly increase their speed in the water. She became the first in her village to go to college and graduate, obtaining a bacheloriate degree in marine biology. Life during college wasn't much different that life at home, however: most of the time she acted independent, sticking to her research and studying undersea life rather than socializing with her kind.

At age 21, while studying for a PhD in the same field, she entered herself into a study abroad program in which her research would be both funded and guided by the Vekaiyun government. It came with a guarantee of a PhD pending her performance and punctual updates. Due to her grades and a personality test which seemed to test her mental endurance, she was accepted and assigned to the recently-built Sealab where she was to complete the various projects assigned to her by her government.


Elana is the quintessential vulpine female of her age: slender and fairly short, standing at 5 feet and weighing 93 lbs. She is healthy for her age and keeps her appearance up fairly well. Her hair is typically long in length and is combed straight in the common vulpine manner. A typical-length muzzle extends from her face, along with commonly large eyes which are slightly sunken in behind the typical vulpine cheek bones.

She is more accustomed to wearing baggy clothes as opposed to anything tight, except for when she goes diving. An unmistakable characteristic about her is her glasses. Her glasses often slide down on the bridge of her muzzle, and she always pushes them back up. She is practically blind without her glasses, but luckily for her, her swimming mask is prescription-made so that she could see clearly underwater.


File:Elana Standing.jpg
Elana in her terrestrial laboratory.

Clumsy and brainy, Elana is the quintessential introverted nerd. She is often klutzy, though she does not mean to be, but generally she has a very friendly demeanor about her. She can be talkative, but is usually somewhat guarded. She does not take charge often, and would rather follow than lead, except when she is in the water. For her, going on a good dive is better than a date, and discovering something pivotal to her research is what she lives for.

Common among vulpines her age, Elana is excited about trying different things and learning about her nation's culture as well as the cultures of foreign nations. While she is very friendly and open about her culture, she is also equally self-conscious. She yearns to find a connection in her life, a connection where someone can understand her and look beyond what she has to offer biologically as a vulpine female. In other words, she'd rather be viewed as a competent scientist instead of eye candy, and does not view herself as pretty by any standard, though she does take care of her appearance. Regardless, she tends to be comforted by her studies, as science is her life, but is not dominant, as she remains a devout Vayan Catholic.

In the water, Elana is in her own element. She swims effortlessly, gliding through the depths with ease. She's very dexterous and much more confident in her abilities underwater. She also thinks with a clear mind (typically), but takes more risks. She's had her fair share of close-calls, but for her, diving is life. Her government recently required her to spend more time underwater, however, which cuts into her social life. She is secretly lonely, unfortunately, and yearns for interaction, but tends to excuse interactions away, being slightly self-conscious.

Her Gear

Elana reflecting

Elana's diving set is typical among female vulpine divers funded by the Vekaiyun government - it is a variant of the same set Ikrisia Levinile uses. Her suit is constructed of a variant of Vekaiyun neoprene rubber, which has insulating properties and affords minor protection. The suit is torso-covering only. This is due to preference; vulpines do not enjoy having their arms and legs covered by tight clothing, as it tends to pull and tug on the fur as their limbs move. Her fins are fitted and are both long and slightly wide to increase her speed. Her swim mask is prescription-made and allows for undistorted view.

The most complex aspect of her gear is her rebreather. Previously, her tank assembly consisted of two tanks used in unison in a semi-closed rebreather-type fashion. Her new rebreather, provided by her government, is among the best her nation has to offer. This rebreather is electronic closed-circuit Within the confines of the backpack-like tank assembly is pressurized liquid oxygen, an expander, and a CO2 scrubber with sodalime particles with a hint of spearmint flavor (used to manually detect any problems with the scrubber), a diluent converter, as well as a small bail-out tank. A small gauge box attached to the rebreather informs her of the current state of the device. The twin-hose setup also has a strap on it for her to wear on long dives to fight jaw fatigue. Like her previous setup, this rebreather is worn on her back. All in all, the tank allows for anywhere from 3-5 days of use. While she should never use the tank for such an extended period of time, the tank is mostly designed for daily use. As her rebreather is indeed expensive, her government expects her to use it quite often with the intent of working in the field and eventually gaining her PhD.

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