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The Drightly
Franklin Barvata
Barvata in November 2019
24th and 26th High Elderthane of Great Morstaybishlia
Assumed office
12 July 2022
MonarchLambertus VII
Preceded byRiannar Karmer
In office
27 February 2019 – 23 September 2021
Preceded byWalter Johannes
Succeeded byRiannar Karmer
Leader of the Progress Party
Assumed office
12 July 2022
Preceded byRiannar Karmer
In office
31 August 2017 – 23 September 2021
Preceded byArlin Rudiger
Succeeded byRiannar Karmer
Elderthane for the Home Department
In office
1 December 1999 – 4 May 2005
Preceded byAnders Lynton
Succeeded byGaret Liespa
Shadow Thane of Health
In office
4 May 2005 – 4 April 2007
Preceded byNicola Knose
Succeeded byImmanuel Hoziama
Shadow Thane of Defence
In office
14 September 2009 – 15 March 2012
Preceded byNicola Knose
Succeeded byImmanuel Hoziama
Boriff of Cavenhelm
In office
16 March 2011 – 2 April 2015
Preceded byBerin Yusov
Succeeded byMartin Gonderi
Folkspart (FP)
for Cavenhelm
Assumed office
1 May 1991
Preceded byJohnery Frawldes
Majority71,545 (75%)
Personal details
Franklin Victor Barvata

(1968-07-07) 7 July 1968 (age 56)
Kêrmell, Kaltariezh, Great Morstaybishlia
Political partyProgress Party
SpouseSophia Bostin (m. 1995)
Residence1 Bursil Street
Alma materKêrmell University, Kêrmell

Franklin Victor Barvata (born 7th July 1968) is a Kaltariz politician who is currently serving as High Elderthane of Great Morstaybishlia and Leader of the Progress Party from July 2022. He previously held the position of High Elderthane between 2019 and 2021 and Progress leader between 2017 and 2021. He was Elderthane for the Home Department from 1999 to 2005. Barvata has been a Folkpart for Cavenhelm since 1991. Ideologically, he identifies as progressive left.

Barvata grew up in Kaltariezh and was praised as an academic genius, completing his Post 16 Examination at the age of 14. He attended Kêrmell University at the age of 16. During University, Barvata had joined the Progress Party and volunteered as staff at party lectures, and by 18 he had tried for local council elections but was unsuccessful. When Barvata graduated from University with a Bachelor's in Politics and International Relations, he campaigned and was elected to the Folk's Hall as FP for Cavenhelm in 1991; at the time he was the youngest person to ever be elected to the House at the age of 22. During the Rothgerus Administration Barvata served in the cabinet. From 2005 to 2012 he held two shadow cabinet positions. Barvata campaigned and won the 2011 Cavenhelm Boriff election and subsequently served one term alongside being a Folkspart until 2015 where he ushered in major redevelopment of the city's West Harbour Communities, introduced greener methods of transport and established the first vehicle-free zone in the city center.

During the Auroran-Cerenerian War Barvata became a prominent Progress politician with his foreign policy rhetoric. He became Leader of the Opposition on his election as Progress Party leader in August 2017, following the sudden death of his predecessor, Arlin Rudiger. Barvata scrutinised the incumbent High Elderthane Walter Johannes for his 2018-2019 military intervention in Rodenia after the prime minister had promised but was faltering on delivering the 5 Year Post-War Plans. In the 2019 general election, Barvata was appointed prime minister and led the Progress Party to its first government in 14 years. He followed through with his election campaign and withdrew from Rodenia to focus on internal matters, but this led to Kirk Santon establishing himself as Supreme Archon and breaking the previous governments' agreement. In June 2020 Barvata condemned the UCA-NSTO Coalition but quickly responded as a mediator to Rodenia's invasion of Puntalia by sending the Home Fleet and hosting the 2020 PCT Sani Bursil Summit, which prevented war between the UCA and Rodenia's allies of North Ethalria and Packilvania but dampened the fragile relationship between Great Morstaybishlia and Norgsveldet.

Following the July 2020 Kaltariezh attacks and the August 2020 Kaltariezh police attack, Barvata initiated a state of emergency which was declared across Great Morstaybishlia to help fight terrorism and civil unrest in eastern Kaltariezh, Barvata enacted Black Alert with a curfew of 21:00 within the conflicted provinces. In October 2020 Barvata came under heavy scrutiny from the Opposition after Progress passed the controversial Anti-Terrorism Bill which gave the cabinet plus executive military command more powers to act against groups or people that fall under an umbrella term of terrorism.

Barvata survived a deadly rocket launcher attack in August 2021, where many others were not as fortunate. He is currently recovering in Ewising, Joralesia. Due to his absence in politics, Riannar Karmer successfully rallied enough Progress FPs to contest his Progress leadership, where he was constitutionally and physically unable to run. Karmer succeeded him in September as Leader of Progress and high elderthane. Barvata was heavily critical of Karmer during his tenure, later contesting his leadership when the Nicki Jenkins report was released, which later resulted in the conviction of Karmer as a sex offender. Barvata succeeded uncontested, and assumed leadership and thus high elderthaneship for a second time on 12 July 2022.

Early life

Born in Kêrmell in 1968, he is the son of father Walmrick Barvata, a physician, and Erna Barvata (née Phalyf), a regional manager for D&D. The couple divorced in 1996. Barvata has three siblings, Walmrick Jr., born in 1970, Gavin, born in 1971 and Colette, born in 1979.

The Barvata family legacy is traced back to the village of Amberiz in Bro-Kabdubec. One of Barvata's paternal great-grandfathers, Morvan Barvata, was born in 1900 from a Kaltariz-only speaking household, but was sent to an Staynish orphanage after his family were killed in the Great War. Barvata commonly visited his maternal grandfather Elver, who, after coming from a farming background, became a mechanic and died in 2007.

Barvata was raised in a Thaerist family, but he is agnostic today.

He was educated at Vinsten's Academy of Secondary Education. From a young age his teachers encouraged his advanced mathematics and science knowledge and he took his Post 16 Exams at the age of 14, scoring high in mathematics, science and business studies but failing his civil engineering course. He attended Kêrmell University two years later at the age of 16 and graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor's in Politics and International Relations. During this time he was a member of the Progress Party and volunteered for lectures, fundraisers and events for the party.

Political career

Whilst he was in secondary education, Barvata grew an interest of politics, and during his time in university he ran for local town council elections for Aresmy, a tourist town at the mouth of the Ider River. Barvata was beaten to a seat by a matter of 103 voters, something he has never let down.

However, during the Meremaa Civil War and immediately after graduating from Kêrmell University, Barvata founded a localised anti-Delari committee which garnered a lot of support. He was allocated Cavenhelm as a constituency and beat the Civic incumbent Jacut Brewalson in the 1991 General Election. Barvata was a relatively behaved back-bencher.

During the Auroran-Cerenerian War Barvata criticised Johannes for two major things; his "use of soldiers like cannon fodder", a very controversial comment that put Barvata in the spotlight of Morstaybishlian politics, and Johannes' handling of the fragmentation of the two Ethalrian nations which put their successor states into a period of recession. Soon thereafter in August 2017 he won the Progress Leader Election. Criticising Johannes on many accounts since the war, Barvata called a motion of no confidence in September 2017 but it failed to reach a majority of seats in the house. When the next election came around, Barvata campaigned across all four constituent countries and put more effort in his campaigning than both Walter Johannes and Paddy Lukamortz combined, later going on to win the 2019 general election with Progress netting 910 seats.

Mayor of Cavenhelm

Barvata in 2011 as Mayor of Cavenhelm

After 20 years of being a Progress FP, and 14 of those under Podite administration where he commented "I have not seen yet one change!", Barvata indicated his intention to seek election as the Boriff of Cavenhelm. On 16 July 2011, Barvata won the election on a second round vote with 55% of the votes, compared to 45% for his Podite opponent Nico Belaisi. As Boriff he ushered in major redevelopment of the city's West Harbour Communities, introduced greener methods of transport and established the first vehicle-free zone in the city center.

Party Leader

High Elderthane of Great Morstaybishlia

Barvata's first hurdle in office came with Kyrloth. Their annexation of Izria saw the Embask oil rigs off the coast of the Undirnor and Slodhir Islands unlawfully and illegally signed away by King Tegura IV to Sinter Tass, which sparked controversy and outrage. Barvata failed to negotiate with Tass and the later sent a blockade of corvettes to the oil rigs. Norgsveltian Prime Minister Sverdrup hosted a meeting between Tass and Barvata. In the meanwhile one of the oil rigs was blown up on order of Artun Sotarikos and sunk the destroyer MBS Kabdubec. The incident was known as the Lion of Taren Incident, and in the Osfjord Summit Barvata pressured Sinter Tass's government to pay a sum of 20 billion Kiribs (5% of their GDP) for the oil rigs and in compensation. Barvata later sacked Elderthane for Foreign and Oversea Territory Affairs Janietta Rubis from the cabinet for her poor handling of the situation, replacing her with Ron Wehrasbi.

Attempting to resolve the differences between Great Morstaybishlia, Meremaa and Norgsveldet left behind from the Meremaa Civil War, Barvata arranged a summit between himself, Johanna Sverdrup and Njord II in Riberoe, the capital of Dalmaghar. The leaders signed the Riberoe Pact; a non-aggression treaty and delimitation of the Sjøguds Sea, effectively ending a 26 year dispute over the Exclusive Economic Zone of Lanis Island, where Norgsveldet and Great Morstaybishlia have claims on.

Barvata asserted the MBE's position in the 2020 Puntalian Crisis. Barvata reassured the world that the MBE would mediate the conflict between the UCA and Rodenia after the latter invaded and occupied Puntalia. Barvata received harsh criticism for his direct involvement from political opponents and world leaders.

Barvata passed the Anti-Terrorism Bill, but faced huge scrutiny over its controversy. After being mortally wounded in the Lantern Tower bombing, his Chancellor Riannar Karmer who was also acting high elderthane in his absence, contested his leadership and unseated Barvata as leader. Barvata heavily scrutinised Karmer's intention to hold a Marislian independence referendum, and dissassociated with his former political ally. When the Nicki Jenkin's report came out, implying Karmer's involvement in a larger child grooming ring in Kalmington, Barvata won an uncontested bid for the leadership, simultaneously reinstating his position as prime minister. Barvata inherited the fallout of the Marislian independence referendum and the coalition government with the Civic Party.