2020 Puntalian Crisis

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2020 Puntalian Crisis

Surrendered Puntalian equipment and weaponry.
Date21 June - 10 July 2020
(2 weeks, 5 days)

Government of Puntalia


 East Cerdani

Puntalian Liberation Force
 North Ethalria
 Great Morstaybishlia (alleged)
Commanders and leaders
Jorge Fernandez-Garcia
Norgsveldet Johanna Sverdrup
Norgsveldet Olav
Arngrímur Sigurdarson
Jariano II
Areuína Karnéias
Durakia Horis Adley
Kuthernburg Rico Lúaz
Charlotte Robertson
Tretrid Eoforwine Æthelstanesunu
Pablo de la Cruz
Kirk Santon
Packilvania Empress Noi
North Ethalria Clauzia Sarohart
Casualties and losses
none 1 wounded

The 2020 Puntalian Crisis was a coup d’etat and subsequent international crisis within Puntalia and its territorial waters that lasted from 21 June to 10 July 2020.

It began in the morning of 21 June 2020. At 07:20, a small taskforce of Puntalian and Rodenian forces marched the capital of San Agustín, capturing President Juarez who was at the front of an alleged communist conspiracy. At 08:00 the Rodenian 23rd tank battalion and the 4th and 11th Infantry brigade marched across the border into Puntalia and established checkpoints with Puntalian forces. Riots in San Agustín began.

The NSTO and UCA established a no-fly zone over Puntalia, and alongside the UWI and the LN condemned the Rodenian intervention. The UCA sent Supreme Archon Santon an ultimatum to withdraw from Puntalia and establish statu quo ante bellum, which was ignored, and subsequently mobilised a fleet to blockade and later invade Rodenia. The MBE’s Prime Minister Franklin Barvata called on a ceasefire and condemned the UCA-NSTO’s actions as ‘warmongery’. The North Ethalrian Confederacy and Packilvania sent thousands of troops into Rodenia and Packilvania sent its own fleet to support Rodenia.

In an attempt to avoid large-scale war, Prime Minister Franklin Barvata ordered the Imperial Navy’s Concordian Fleet to intercept the UCA and issued demands of ceasefire, forcing Rodenian interceptor aircraft to ground and the UCA fleet to anchor. Santon held a summit in Albaburg on his own terms but it was nearly unanimously boycotted as Santon refused the admission of socialist and communist nations. Barvata then invited involved nations to the 2020 PCT Sani Bursil Summit on 10 July and dignitaries signed the Puntalian Compromise Treaty, ending the crisis.