Lantern Tower bombing

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Lantern Tower bombing
Part of terrorism in Joralesia
ETV News captures the explosion whilst reporting on the 2021 Joralesian riots.
LocationLantern Tower, Ewising, Joralesia
Date20 August 2021; 2 years ago (2021-08-20) (UTC-5)
TargetFranklin Barvata
Cabinet Members
Lance Jedwin
Attack type
WeaponsRocket launcher attack
PerpetratorFai'e'ad Tazennasz

The Lantern Tower bombing was a terrorist attack on part of an office complex in the city of Ewising, Joralesia, in the central business district on 20 August 2021. At that time, Lantern Tower was being used as the meeting point between senior members of the Morstaybishlian Cabinet and members of the Joralesian administration.

A TBG-7 was fired from a low-rise building south of the tower by Kyrlot nationalist Fai'e'ad Tazennasz, who had utilised a radio app on a restricted police frequency to map police and sniper rotations, and a smuggler tunnel network that had not been found in tunnel extermination measures in the mid 20th century to bypass a large police presence. The TBG-7 thermobaric warhead travelled through the window to the meeting and exploded in the room. Prime Minister Franklin Barvata and Home Secretary Vellin Rinardel narrowly escaped the explosion and were the sole survivors from the meeting. In all, 18 Morstaybishlian and Joralesian politicians, servicepersons and janitor staff were killed, and 56 others were injured.