Njord II

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Njord II
Grand Duke
Grand Duke of Meremaa
Duke of Cirland
Reign10th July 2000 - present
Coronation10th July 2000
PredecessorTelvi II
Born (1960-05-29) 29 May 1960 (age 64)
Zmeliborg hospital
IssuePrince Telve
Njord Sjoerkik Nelison

Njord II (Njord Sjoerkik Nelison, born 29th May 1960) is the Grand Duke of Meremaa and Duke of the Duchy Cirland within Meremaa. Elected as Grand Duke by the Meremaa legislature called the Union Council. Of which every 10 years the Grand Duke is elected, with Njord being the first Duke from a Zalian Duchy to be elected from. His current reign being one of reform, and civil liberties. In 2020 he signed the Riberoe Pact, ending the tensions over the island of Dalmaghar that has existed since the end of the Meremaa Civil War.

After re-election by the Dizciltigā Padome on the 10th October 2020, Njord II’s government put heavy emphasis on establishing a new constitution. On the 1st July 2021 the new constitution was made with consent from the Meremain nobility. Effectively establishing a constitutional parliamentary monarchy in the country. With a lower house being elected by the people who have full control of the premiership. Despite these major reforms Njord’s constitution has been criticized for being directly hostile towards socialist and republican political organizations.