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The Vulpine Addendum is a series of books added in the New Testiment of the Vayan Bible for the Vayan Catholic Faith, added between the books of Jude and Revelation. These books are exclusive to the Vayan Catholic Faith and center around St. Aiya and other saints who lived during or shortly after her time. Specifically, the books are as follows:

  • Visions: Written by St. Ives. The Book of Visions are the spoken accounts of various visions received by St. Aiya and some accounts of her travels in present-day Vekaiyu, Listonia, and Dveria, as recorded during and after her lifetime by St. Ives. It is the longest book in the Vulpine Addendum at 38 chapters. At least part of the book may have been scribed by St. Kabuu according to some scholars who believe there is a sharp contrast in writing styles between the first few chapters. Later chapters (35 onward) are the direct accounts of St. Ives.
  • Prayer of St. Aiya: Believed to be scribed by St. Ives. This book is a lengthy verse-style letter in which St. Aiya pleads for the safety of her kind and of sentient creatures everywhere for strong faith, deliverance from evil and sin, and finally for hope for the future. It is the earliest book written in the addendum, scribed ~312 A.D.
  • Provinsk: Scribed by St. Ives. This letter was written to the people of Provinsk to answer questions they had about the faith, and to encourage them to remain honest and questioning. She rebukes several heresies around the present-day Vekaiyu-Listonian borders in the later chapters, which suggests this letter may have been intended for a wider audience.
  • Ye'leli: Scribed by St. Ives. In this letter, St. Aiya warns "East Kelsarians" of the consequences from taking the new faith too lightly and outwardly rejecting it. Early and middle chapters build a case for the new faith and how it was meant for all to accept and follow. Later chapters focus on the qualities of living through peace and love.
  • Kabuu: Scribed by St. Kabuu. This book documents the life and times of St. Aiya and the early church as experienced by St. Kabuu. It is a historical account that follows events up to ~352 A.D.
  • Calesu: Scribed by St. Kabuu. St. Kabuu wrote this letter to "The northern people of Calesu and surrounding areas" to answer questions and explain the importance of faith.
  • Ignes: Scribed by St. Ignes of Provinsk. It is a short book written by the saint proclaiming joy and the importance of love for all things and beings. It is by far the youngest book in the addendum, written in 471 A.D. The last chapter speaks of the gift of language.

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