The Child of the Mountains

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The Child of the Mountains is arguably the most mysterious canonized saint in the Vayan Catholic Church. Hundreds of such accounts were reported between 555 A.D. and 645 A.D. and appeared to be concentrated in the provinces of Caviru and Epetri in Vekaiyu, though sightings of said individual were seen as far as the Burdek province in Listonia.

Most accounts seem to go as follows: an unclaimed child travels down a mountain or foothill to meet up with a group of individuals and asks them for a favor. When the encounterees oblige, the child then offers spiritual advice or clarification on a particular passage pertaining to the Vayan Catholic faith, then either leaves or vanishes. Most accounts identify the vulpine child to be anywhere from eight to ten years of age with matted brown hair, striking green eyes, and dirty brown clothing. All accounts report the scent of lilac or roses present at some time during the encounter. Such accounts were so convincing and so prevalent that the Vayan Catholic Church canonized this unnamed individual in 655 A.D. After such time, no confirmed sightings have been reported, save for a few isolated incidents.

To date, the subject of his canonization has come under criticism, but despite 1,400 years of time, his canonization has survived two separate votes by Vayan cardinals. "His appearance is elevated to the same status as a mass-miracle," Cardinal Yves Ilonuru said in 1694 after the last dispute over his inclusion. "I am not about to refute nearly one hundred separate accounts of this boy [appearing] in separate incidents. It would be concerning if this was a regional circumstance. But indeed this is not congruent."

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