Burdek Lowlands

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The Burdek Lowlands is an area of land in southeast Listonia, concentrated in the Listonian province of Burdek. The land consists of mostly steppe, but some areas contain sparse vegetation, dotted with areas of desert. Due to much of the land being below sea level, weather in general moves to the north or west of the basin. Despite the unfavorable growing conditions, Listonian farmers have worked the land for thousands of years. Oil had been discovered in the area, but it was believed to be too deep to be profitable. However, after careful engineering by Listonian and Vekaiyun join ventures, major oil fields have been developed across the lowlands, providing The Vekaiyun Union with the precious material. It remains one of the more important areas for Listonian cash flow, and the new industry has produced thousands of jobs for work-hungry Listonians.

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