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Reko Solranots is the current Minister of Domestic Trade in Vekaiyu. Solranots is charged with ensuring fair trade within Vekaiyu and across the Vekaiyun Provinces. This includes handling disputes among Vekaiyun corporations, distributing Commercial Licenses for private business, and promoting fair trade within Vekaiyu. A self-proclaimed "capitalist wearing a tight suit made of market socialism", his term, which began on December 2nd, 2010, has been characterized by lenient rules on public enterprise. Commercial Licenses, which were tough to obtain during the reign of Selvala McEva, are much simpler and could be obtained "in about as much time as it takes to acquire a driver's license," as stated by Solranots. It is difficult to argue against his policies, however, as Vekaiyun GDP has grown in each year since taking office (though this may be due to the economic hit in 2010 which resulted from the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War).

He provided the suggestion to deport immigrating Alleghenians to Isklevyu to populate the newest nation in The Vekaiyun Union.

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