Commonwealth of Albanares

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Commonwealth of Albanares

Flag of Albanares
Coat of arms of Albanares
Coat of arms
Motto: "Order and Peace"
Anthem: "Revolution Song (Devrim Şarkısı)
Location of Albanares, to the south Azulita can be seen and to the east is Phenolacus.
Location of Albanares, to the south Azulita can be seen and to the east is Phenolacus.
Largest cityRyugi
Official languagesAlbanic
Recognised regional
Southern Albanarian
Ethnic groups
55.7% Albanarian
4.9% Britanic
3.5% unspecified
Demonym(s)Albanarian, Albanic
GovernmentUnitary Ahxohist One-Party Socialist Republic
Ahmet Züra-Mehdi
LegislatureAlbanares National Assembly
• 2021 census
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
Ř830 billion
• Per capita
CurrencyŘubian (Ř/ŘUB)
Time zoneGMT+1 (CYT)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatDD/MM/YY
Driving sidethe Right
Calling code+89
Internet TLD.alb

Albanares, officially the Commonwealth of Albanares, is a small nation located in the continent of Arcturia on Yasteria. It's capital and second biggest city is Shadaloo, with the first biggest being Ryuji. Shadaloo is also home to many of Albanares's cultural assets such as museums, libraries, and concert halls. Since 2019, Albanares has been in an emergency state following the re-installation of communism in the country And the forced withdrawal of it's royal family in the following year, sparking a civil war in January 19 2022.

The history of Albanares forms a part of the history of Yasteria. During classical antiquity, Albanares was home to several Letunian tribes such as the Ieaidra, Ionabla, Initnama, Elehcne, Iitnaluat and many others, but also Britanian and Keerg tribes, as well as several Keergian colonies established on the Yasterian coast. Albanares borders Azulita to the south, Phenolacus to the east and the Yasterian Ocean to the north and east. Albanares is known for being the biggest inspiration of Ziaraatian Surrealist painter D.T.T Elizabeth, who adopted the country as his home since 1903.