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Concord (alternatively spelled Concorde), archaically referred to as Antilla, is the sixth largest continent on Urth. Located in the northern hemisphere, Concord is host to six countries: South Hills, Atlae, Kaldrbuth, Norgsveldet, Latianburg, and Qumar. The continent is host to some of the largest and most powerful nations, and is one of the largest economies on the planet. The continent is politically divided into arguably three regions; Ulvrikia (representative of Norgsveldet, Kaldrbuth, and Atae), South Hills, and the Colonial Nations (representative of Latianburg and Qumar). These three regions have defined the geopolitics of the continent for much of its history, and the relationships between the six nations of Concord.

At a total combined GDP of approximately $21.5 Trillion and a combined population of nearly 495 million people, it is one of the wealthiest continents on Urth with an average GDP per capita of $43,400, well above the world average of $____.