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The Technocratic Unified State of Grindoligarch

Motto: Nothing is free except for the oppertunity
Anthem: I'm Working for the Nation
Location of Grindologarch (light green) on the continent of Arcturia
Largest citySluminia
Official languagesEthalrian
Recognised national languagesEthalrian and Codexian
GovernmentTotalitarian Ingsoc (lite) Technocracy Oligarchy
• The Party
The Grindoligarchian Administration Party
• GAP International Representative
Mikhail Volkov
• Establishment of the North Arcturia Resource Extraction Corporation (NAREC) on the island now known as Grindoligarch- originating from Ethalria
November 15th, 1547
• Ethalria competes with NAREC, ending with the subjugation of the company
• NAREC declares itself an independent nation as the GBOC staging a swift coup.
July 11th, 1677
• Main oligarchs merge into a single entity- the modern Grindoligarchian Administration Party
October 17th, 1705
• Total
406,752 km2 (157,048 sq mi)
• 2020 estimate
• Density
323/km2 (836.6/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyGrindoligarchian Marks (GM)
Time zoneGrindoligarchian Standard Time (+1) and Grindoligarchian Continental Time (0)
Driving sideright
Calling code+204
ISO 3166 codeGAP
Internet TLD.GAP

The Technocratic Unified State of Grindoligarch, commonly known as Grindoligarch, is a totalitarian regime in northern Aecturia- controlling the very north of the continent and most of the islands north of the Aecturia mainland. The nation is controlled by the GAP (Grindoligarchian Administration party), which assigns citizens jobs based on their qualifications and skills throughout state mandatory education. Those who refuse to work or otherwise descent are not provided for, and viewed culturally as leeches. Those who are loyal, and work at their assigned jobs, are able to live blissful comfortable lives.


The land that is currently controlled by Grindoligarch was originally settled by the North Arcturia Resource Extraction Corporation (NAREC) in 1547- the company originating from Ethalria. NAREC was a corporate enterprise with the express goal of exploiting the natural resources of the area with imported employees. Around 1584 competition with the Ethalrian trade posts in the area escalated, ending the subjugation of NAREC and their integration as a subject as high ranking members of the company were replaced. As a side effect, a rudimentary version of the modern GBOC (Grindoligarchian Black Operations Core) was founded by the disgruntled members of the previous board of NAREC with the goal to regain influence and eventually separate from Ethalria. That opportunity came in 1677 (the island becoming an official colony in the 1650's) with the Morsto-Ethalrian War, in which as Ethalria found itself quite weakened, the GBOC finalized their coup and reinstated those loyal to the original country of NAREC- founding the nation of Grindoligarch as a corporate state. The members/oligarchs of the new Grindoligarchian nation unify into the GAP to solidify their control over the state, to maximize efficiency, and to ensure their independence.


Grindoligarch, under the rule of the GAP, is a Socially Technocratic, Totalitarian, Police/Corporate state. The GAP controls all industry, imports, exports, and every aspect of day to day life. All citizens undergo state-mandated education during which they are subject to psychological evaluation and skill cultivation to then be assigned to a job in the society based on where they are believed to be most efficient to the state, as mandated by the Skill and Psychological Development Department (SPDD)- headed by Marie Federova. All trading vessels coming into Grindoligarchian waters or docking/trading must have the proper paperwork and authorization as provided by the Secure International Trading Department (SITD) which must first negotiate with the nation of origin a trading agreement- headed by Lukas Simons. The current international representative of the GAP and thus for Grindoligarch is Mikhail Volkov who acts as the figurehead for Grindoligarch in times of high ranking international meetings.

The state also has strict social classes: Those who are deemed as unskilled or untrustworthy/unstable in loyalty are assigned to low labor or risk jobs (mining, forestry, infrastructure, etc). Those deemed with specific skills and sufficient psychological tuning are put in fields where they are best suited and have their education geared towards the job that they show proficiency in (research, arts, engineering, management, etc). Finally, all citizens deemed as fully loyal to the state and capable are placed into military training in order to act as police to keep the peace, traders or staff for international endeavors, transportation of goods, and the defense of the nation- military personnel showing promise being brought into the GBOC and following that potentially into the GAP or as an ambassador. The GAP is centered in Kalistad, which apart from the military-controlled trading ports is the only place where international representatives or citizens are permitted to be (assuming the correct paperwork is in order). Citizens who are either incapable of working or refused to work fail to uphold their end of the social contract.

All citizens with the status of a person are paid a more than livable wage as in the eyes of the state it is best for the efficiency of the nation, keeping the loyal happy and working. Seeing as all industry is under the control of the state, the citizenry is paid with Citizen Grindoligarchian Marks which have no value outside of the nation as to not require an investment of international currency to keep the citizens working. Failure to be able to work does not imply any social benefits, though to the capable and to the loyal life is comfortable so long as they do their job.


Main exports and produced resources of Grindoligarch are Military Arms (general military equipment from small arms, to tanks, ships, and drones), Information technology, Mining resources, Lumbering/forestry, manufacturing, machine parts, and electronics. Main imports of Grindoligarch are food, furniture, clothing, and entertainment/arts as the state believes citizens could be better used elsewhere to maximize output and don't have the room to simultaneously make sufficient food while pursuing biofuel.


Sluminia: Current Capital city of Grindoligarch and considered the information technology and research hub of the nation. The main economic output of inner Sluminia is Information Technology and valuable research produced by the large scientific base fostered in the city and funded by the state. Inner Sluminia is considered a clean, safe, and well to do area that fosters scientific development. Outer Sluminia largely consists of urban sprawls and factories which mainly produce machine parts or weapon parts. Outer Slumina is considerably worse off but living conditions are (though at times barely for many) liveable. Sluminia is also known to be heavily secured with an excessively armed police force patrolling the streets, mass CCTV and surveillance, and an unknown number of GBOC agents spread throughout the city.

Kalistad: Acts as an administration haven as well as sporting mass R&D and a large number of luxuries compared to the mainland. Despite not being the official capital, international and often national meetings or interactions are usually held in Kalistad. Kalistad industrially acts as a center for Research and Development and for scientific advancement along with being one of the few areas permitted for any kind of tourism or foreign interaction. Also home to the Kalistad Naval base- the largest naval base in Grindolirgarch due to it's the ability to defend the North and it's easy access to the Grindoligarchian straight.

Ruson: Ruson acts as the commercial and economic hub for rural Grindoligarch- processing and transporting the lumber or many ores/minerals/resources extracted from mining operations. Ruson is extremely important due to its centralized location, allowing for the transportation of resources to any city as needed for use in manufacturing or trade. Ruson is thus heavily militarized to ensure the logistics of the nation are not compromised and to ensure that no resources or goods are stolen by staff/citizenry.

Ulgow and Ansset: Both cities fulfill similar purposes for the nation, manufacturing of weapons, ammunition, machine parts, and electronics- furthermore both act as trading hubs for Antilla, Gondwana, and Atlantia. Both cities are well known for their large ports and warehouse districts along the coast in which goods wait to be shipped or sold to nations with which Grindoligarch is trading. Due to the influx of trading ships security along the coast is extremely tight- citizens without the correct authorization being banned from entering the district and incoming/outgoing packages and goods often being searched.

Endsby: Acting as the center fo raw resource acquisition for the continental areas of Grindoligarch. Manages lumber, mining, and fishing and then transport the goods up north to Ulgow for manufacturing and/or trade. Endsby is one of the less dense areas in terms of policing- with most police in the area running patrols in order to prevent smuggling or stealing of raw resources and to defend the transportation roots up to Ulgow.

Icogan: Acts as the main trading port to the East taking in materials from both Sluminia and Ruson for export. It also has a substantial manufacturing district for machine parts and military equipment- a large naval dock prevalent on the coast. Similar security measures to Ulgow and Ansset but requiring unique forms/papers.

Ulset: The main center for arms/military manufacturing, which once produced are either sent up or down the Grindoligarch straight to be traded from Icogan or Ulgow/Ansett or distributed to the military if there is a need for more in the stockpiles. These shipments and by proxy the city is heavily guarded- security being extremely high during production and transport in order to prevent citizens from procuring munitions.

Vodale and Slostin: Basic manufacturing, information technology, and Information technology- generally mixed focuses and ship nationally and to Ansett/Slostin for distribution when traded.