2020 Puntalia Military Intervention

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2020 Puntalia Military Intervention
Date16 June - 10 July





North Ethalria
Great Morstaybishlia (alleged)
356 Aircraft, 61 Ships 200 Morstaybishlian ships and its crew, 50,000 Humanitarian soldiers

On 22nd of June, a multi-state NSTO-led coalition began a military intervention in Puntalia, to implement Northern Shield Security Council Resolution 1195C, in response to the illegal Invasion of Puntalia. The NSTO intent and voting was to have an immediate withdrawal of Rodenian troops in Puntalia, including an end to the current attacks against civilians, which it said might constitute crimes against humanity ... imposing a ban on all flights in the country's airspace – a no-fly zone – and tightened sanctions on the nation of Rodenia and its supporters.

Prime Minister of Great Morstaybishlia Franklin Barvata scrutinised the NSTO and UCA's militarisation in Arcturia and declared themselves as the "Mediators" to attempt a resolution of conflict within Puntalia between the NSTO, UCA and Rodenia. The Imperial Navy sent its Home Fleet, a 200 vessel strong component command to assert a naval perimeter around Rodenia to prevent the escalation of war on its border to Nevez Kaltariezh and to provide regional security.

Since then, President Clauzia Sarohart of the North Ethalrian Confederacy praised Santon's handling of the communist conspiracy and pledged its hand by sending over 50,000 troops, vehicles and ordinance via fast response planes in the first two weeks, before fully committing to over 100,000 troops if war broke out.

From the beginning of the intervention, the initial coalition of the NSTO, UCA expanded to other non-aligned states, with newer states mostly enforcing the no-fly zone and naval blockade or providing military logistical assistance.

NSTO Resolution 1195c

The NSTO Demands for the immediate withdrawal of Rodenian troops Puntalia, including an end to the current attacks against civilians, which might constitute “crimes against humanity”, the NSTO this evening shall impose a ban on all flights in the country’s airspace a no-fly zone, and tightened sanctions.

The Council authorized Member States & UCA members, acting nationally or through regional organizations or arrangements, to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack in the country, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Puntalia territory.

The Council stresses the need to intensify efforts to find a solution to the crisis that responds to the legitimate demands of the Puntalia people, noting actions being taken on the diplomatic front in that regard. It further demands that Rodenia authorities comply with their obligations under international law and take all measures to protect civilians and meet their basic needs and to ensure the rapid and unimpeded passage of humanitarian assistance.

The flight ban would not apply to flights that had as their sole purpose humanitarian aid, the evacuation of foreign nationals, enforcing the ban or other purposes “deemed necessary for the benefit of the Puntalia people.


  • Rodenia Invades Puntalia, with beliefs that a Communist uprising in Puntalia backed by East Cerdani was in the making.
  • Tretrid Prime Minister Eoforwine pushed for the League of Novaris (LN) to pass sanctions against Rodenia and demand the invasion in Puntalia be stopped.
  • NSTO Resolution 1195C was passed unanimously, referring the Rodenian government to the PKFU Courts for gross human rights violations. League of Novaris imposes an arms embargo on the country and a travel ban.
  • Great Morstaybishlia sends its Home Fleet; a 200 vessel component command to the maritime boundaries of west-Rodenia, east-Rodenia and north-Puntalia to protect regional security and mediate the rising tension in the region in time for the Albaburg Summit.
  • North Ethalria reinforce the Rodenian border with some 50,000 troops, vehicles and ordinance, with 100,000 more units and respective equipment on the way.
  • Massive reinforcement to UCA border with Rodenia is started, with troops all accross the UCA protecting it.
  • Packilvania declares allegiance to Rodenia and deploys its fleet (01 July 2020)

International Reactions

International organizations

  •  League of Novaris – The Novaran Council swiftly voted to condemn the actions of Rodenia, and voted to impose harsh sanctions against the country. The League froze all Rodenian assets in League nations, and forbade member nations from carrying out any sort of business with Rodenia or Rodenian businesses.


  •  East Cerdani – The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Cerdani Democratic Republic stated that the situation is "highly concerning" and called for the immediate de-escalation and withdrawal of Rodenian troops from Puntalia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had held a press conference denying the existence of East Cerdan spies within Puntalia and warned that the conspiracy would be used to interfere in the affairs of Puntalia in the days immediately prior to the invasion.


  • Kuthernburg - Sending 1600 Soldiers, Deploying 41 Aircraft and 6 Ships [Stationed At Grunmond Port, RKS Seretobia]
  • Nacata - Sending 610 Soldiers, Deploying 45 Aircraft & 3 AWACS as well as 2 Ships [Stationed At Grunmond Port, Miamaropa Joint AFB]
  • Kasmiyland - 430 Soldiers, 15 Aircraft, 5 Ships [ Stationed At Fort Desmond, HMKS King Tut]
  • Crania - 811 Soldiers, 30 Aircraft, 5 Ships [ Stationed At Grunmond Port, Nada Airbase]
  • Yor - 150 Soldiers, 15 Aircraft, 2 Ships [ Stationed At Miamaropa Joint AFB]
  • Latianburg - 1,200 Soldiers, 30 Aircraft, 10 Ships Lessau - 540 Soldiers, 15 Aircraft, 2 Ships [ Stationed At Fort Desmond, RKS Seretobia]
  •  Tavaris - 500 soldiers, 5 aircraft, 2 ships [Stationed at RNB Arktorís, Elatana]
  • Alyunthia - 1100 Soldiers, 28 Aircraft, 4 Ships [ Stationed Miamaropa Joint AFB, HMKS King Tut Carrier]
  • Sokala - 60 Colonarius Mk1 Armored Tanks, 200 Soldiers, and 20 Aircraft [ Stationed At Nada Airbase]
  •  Tretrid - 30,000 soldiers, 40 Aircraft, 18 Ships Current Operational [Stationed at Arinport, RTS Cyning Ælfric I]
  • Norgsveldet - 65,000 soldiers (stationed in South Peragen and Lokania), 45 Aircraft and 20 ships
  • Durakia - 14,000 soldiers (7,000 Stationed in both Lokania and South Peragen) and 2 Submarines

Bases for the NFZ are


  • Gronmund Port in Lokania
  • Fort Desmond In Lessau
  • RKS Seretobia Carrier
  • HMKS King Tut Carrier
  • Miamaropa Joint AFB in Sokala
  • Nada Airbase in Sokala