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Alyunthia, or as it's properly called The Alyunthian Matriarchy Regime, is a despotic country located in northeast portion of the continent of Novaris. It borders it's only neighbor Kuthernburg, and has a population of 70 million people and a GDP per capita of $10.700. Consisting of islands and a peninsula, the nation is currently rising to become a regional player on Novaris. Though always outshined by it's neighbor Kuthernburg, Alyunthia continues to make strides in technology, exporting computers and other electronic devices to the rest of the world.

Alyunthia is a matriarchy much like the former nation of Ethalria was. Women hold all of the power within the nation while men are only allowed to have jobs to which they have no authority over other people.


Ethalria began colonizing other areas in the late 1500's. The first colonization efforts on Novaris happened around 1595, close to the artic areas of the continent. The colonists found the area to perfect to establish a port town. Over time, the port town grew larger as it became a symbol of importance to the Ethalrians. It became one of the country's most loyal colonies, a status of Ethalrian influence within the Novaris continent. More resources were invested into building up the colony, which soon came to become Alyunthia. There have been several colonial conflicts bewteen Alyunthia and Kuthernburg who was a colony of the Great Morstaybishlia, a rival of Ethalria. Though the conflicts ceased, Kuthernberg intiated a rebellion with Alyunthia, stating how the matriarchal government was backwards and ineffective. Though, the real reason was probably to kick out Ethalrian presence on Novaris, the revolution of 1735 was successful. The colonial government of Alyunthia was overthrown, with Ethalrian assistance nonexistent due to the distance of the mother country to the colony. Though Etharlian fleets were on the way to help restore the Alyunthian government but rough seas and storms had wounded the fleets, forcing them to return back home. Alyunthia became apart of Kuthernburg with a portion of the ruling family of Kuthernburg appointed as the governors of the province.

Now apart of Kuthernburg, Alyunthia quickly went through a cultural shock. The Alyunthian Resistance of 1737-1742, where Alyunthians of Etharlrian descent waged a war against the Kuthernburg governors. The revolt was crushed at the end of 1742 following the defeat of exiled Governor Lilia Bernard at the Battle of Strait. Kuthernburg forces trapped the rebel army against the water where they proceeded to exterminate them all. Even with the rebels officially defeated, the ideals of Ethalria were very much ingrained within the population of Alyunthia and resistance was always going to be a difficult factor to overcome. To combat this, Kuhternburg appointed Melissa Serk, wife of the current Kuthernburg Governor of Alyunthia as High Governess, surpassing her husband in terms of status and power. This was to help keep the Alyunthian population sated, by listening to a female rather than a male. Melissa's first order of business was to increase the flow of new people to the Alyunthia region. Increasing the diversity of the region would greatly help with opening the minds of the Alyunthians and help decrease the chance of revolt. Then came in the culture of Kuthernburg and the language. Soon a dialect of Alyunthian and Kuthernburg mixture emerged and the region began to see growth. Population soared and infrastructure was being built at a rapid pace to keep up with the growing demand of people.

Years passed by with the Alyunthian region becoming a critical part of the Kuthernburg kingdom. Yet however this fragile peace was soon shattered. Kutherburg descended into civil war and anarchy. With too many fires to be put out, Alyunthia on sought independence again. Separatists hoping to restore Alyunthis to the days of the matriarchy, began to organize and then launched the Revolution of 1930 or known as "Ruby Revolution". Without much support of the Kutherburg military, the Separatists overran the capital Vii'a, eliminating the governor's family and caputring the governor Deliah Serk. Alyunthia then seceded from Kuthernburg, declaring it's independence. The Separatists quickly seized military assets within the nation, placing all of Alyunthia under martial law, until a government could be formed. With the ideology of Etharlia as their guide, Alyunthia formed the current government it has now, with the resistance leader Bella Ailin as the first High Matriarch. Since then, Alyunthia has done hard to live up to the Etharlia name. Much of the 1930's-1970's was spent enforcing this new ideology onto the people. There have been minor revolts within Alyunthia to protest this new government but all of them were crushed with ease. It was due to this constant instability that Alyunthia stagnated for so long until 1989 where Jessica Ailin took power after her mother passed away. She brought Alyunthia out of it's slump state and began to modernize it as much as possible, bringing Alyunthia to becoming a regional power on Novaris. It has also mended ties with many nation it was fighting against in the pass, including Kuthernburg. The two nations have remained close allies.