The Levinasi

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Dense forests in The Levenasi near the Iskul River.

The Levenasi is the largest province in Vekaiyu in terms of area, but also has the lowest population density. The territory was largely ignored by Vekaiyu and was regarded as impenetrable until about the 9th century A.D. when the nation slowly began to incorporate it into Vekaiyun borders. The province was fully incorporated in 1674, when it split off from neighboring Fek to become its own independent province.

The Levenasi is a fairly isolated province. It is bordered to the south and east by the Uliveru Mountains and to the northeast by the Ta'lavero Mountains. It is home to rare fauna and animals that are native only to the province itself. To date, the Vekaiyun government has protected some 70 percent of the land from settlement and major land destruction. The Vekaiyun Armed Forces use some of the land around the border to form a defensive front, and have claimed some of the interior for classified purposes. Domestic settlements remain scattered about the province. Even today the province is regarded as not totally explored and secretive.

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