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Severi II is a former Pope of Vayan Catholicism. He perhaps best known for his pacifism and his reluctance to involve the church in Vekaiyun affairs. "Religion and politics do not often mix well," he famously stated when asked why the Vayan Catholic Church did not take a hard stance against Maxism shortly after the 2010 Vekaiyun Civil War. While his personal dealings with Max Venavle and Selvala McEva were described as "cold", the Pope reportedly very rarely met with Premier Ikrisia Levinile, if at all. Of course, this is simply a small fragment of the entire picture - the Pope had been mute on many occasions where even some cardinals felt he should have taken a hard stance.

He was well-loved and characterized by his sense of humor and warm smile. He is credited with clearing up a few confusing aspects of the Vayan Catholic Faith, adding to the doctrines of the church and working closely with cardinals to answer some of the mysteries of the faith.

At 14:28 VST on December 17th, 2014, the Pope was found dead after Sister Ayksina Relekovi found him slouched over at his desk. Initial reports were that the Pope may have died of heart failure. He served as Pope for 17 years.

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