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The Esteemed
Locklyn Le Roy
Hokarine o a Roia
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
MonarchEmperor Oahoanu
LeaderPrime Ministe Maui Uye-Ahua
Preceded byUte Marama
Succeeded byArana Marama
Prime Minister of the Oan Isles
In office
Mid 2017 – Late 2017
MonarchEmperor Oahoanu
Emperor Ehe II
Preceded byJonathan Dunes
Succeeded byMaui Uye-Ahua
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
Late 2016 – Mid 2017
MonarchEmperor Ehe II
LeaderJonathan Dunes
Preceded byAna Rahua
Succeeded byUte Marama
Oan Ambassador to the Auroran Continental Assembly
In office
2015 – Late 2016
Preceded byEta Roa
Succeeded byTipene Rahua
Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
In office
LeaderJonathan Dunes
ConstituencyLower Tokapa
Personal details
SpouseWakatea Tuamati-a te Roia
Parent(s)Giovanni Le Roy and Agnes Moutuara

Locklyn Le Roy is a politician from the Oan Isles. Born in Tokapa, the Oan Isles, to a Caltharusian father and Oan mother in 1970, he studied at the University of Tokapa. After working for the Department of Foreign Affairs, he joined politics and ran for the Council of the People, serving on the Foreign Affairs Committee. He was appointed Ambassador of the Oan Isles to the Auroran Continental Assembly. His first term as Minister of Foreign Affairs saw him lead the Oan effort in the Latianburg Insurgency and see the Oan Isles joining the Peacekeeping Forces of Urth. He succeeded Jonathan Dunes as Prime Minister and oversaw the Oan effort in the Auroran-Pacific War and the Kohatu War. Following the failed attempt to get the Auroran Union off the ground, he resigned as Prime Minister and served a second term as Minister of Foreign Affairs under Maui Uye-Ahua. Instrumental in brokering a joint oil exploration agreement with Peregrinia, he was instrumental in the founding of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent. His bid to serve as the President of the UNAC Commission was defeated - following which he resigned from politics. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful Oan diplomats and politicians of all time.

Early life, career and education

He was born in 1970 in Tokapa, the Oan Isles, to Giovanni Le Roy and Agnes Moutuara, aunt of University of Tokapa professor Agnar Moutuara. His parents never married and his father left for Caltharus. His mother raised him on her own in Tokapa, where he spent most of his life. He attended the prestigious University of Tokapa in the 1990s. He studied up to a Master of Arts degree in International Relations and Auroran studies. Following which he worked at the Department of Foreign Affairs. He became politically affiliated with the Pacifist Party and supported non-lethal force in military combat. He ran for a seat in the Council of the people in the 2010s where he served on the Foreign Affairs Committee. For his acumen in handling foreign policy matters, he was appointed as Ambassador of the Oan Isles to the Auroran Continental Assembly in the mid-2010s. He was promoted by Prime Minister Jonathan Dunes to serve as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and was succeeded by Tipene Rahua as Ambassador to the ACA.

First term as foreign minister

Serving under Prime Minister Jonathan Dunes, Locklyn Le Roy was a key adviser to the government of the Oan Isles on intervening in the Latianburg Insurgency. On behalf of the Oan government, he was in communication with the Kuthern government on Oan military assistance.[1] He was a vehement opponent of terrorism and strongly urged the Oan government to assist the Kutherns and Latians fight Al Jaheed, an extremist terror group from Concord that had started an insurgency in the eastern part of that country. When the Chief Administrator for Cafe Net Ltd (an Oan internet service provider) was kidnapped by an Al Jaheed terrorist, implored by company CEO Etuariti Takatunuye, Le Roy asked the Council of Ministers of the Oan Isles to send emergency military assistance to rescue the administrator. Moreover, he convinced the Oan government to ask the Latians to assist in the rescue mission. Although he was a proponent of using non-lethal force, he did agree with some Council members that the Oan military should be authorised to use military force with the approval of the Latian government.

Locklyn Le Roy was instrumental in convincing the Council of Ministers to join the Peacekeeping Forces of Urth. On behalf of the Oan government, he sent a letter by which the Oan Isles not only applied to join the organisation, but pledged millions of kiribs in aid.[2]

Prime Minister

Auroran-Pacific War

In June 2017, Locklyn Le Roy became the Prime Minister of the Oan Isles at the start of the Auroran-Pacific War, succeeding Jonathan Dunes. He was appointed by Emperor Ehe following the recommendation of the Council of the People. He was responsible for overseeing the war effort and securing Oan political, economic and strategic interest. In that regard, he aimed to keep the fighting limited to the Yor Isles. Under his leadership, the Oan Isles faced war on two fronts: on the west from Ethalria and on the east across the Pacific Ocean from Stratarin. Moreover, he had to deal with the Konoan autonomy movement led by Maui Uye-Ahua, his eventual successor.

During his term, he declared a state of emergency and involved Emperor Ehe in decision making. Recognising that the Oan Isles was unable to stop an invasion from Stratarin, he worked with Emperor Ehe to call for a meeting in Tokapa to for solicit the help of Tretrid, Mexregiona and Atlae. Although Emperor Ehe led the discussions, Le Roy was his foremost adviser. From the meeting, the Oans were able to secure military vessels, financial and logistical support. Moreover, the uninvited, but welcomed arrival of Queen Naomi Truden II of Kuthernburg, helped the Oans secure even greater support, firmly securing their defence against Stratarin.

On its mainland operations, the attempted invasion of Nuremkastel, Kostoria-Obertonia, was a disaster. The nuclear station there had exploded, irradiating the city and killing all 500 Oan personnel who were stationed there. This was a political disaster that signalled the decline of his premiership and the collapse of his government. By the end of the war, the entire Council of Ministers over which he presided had resigned. Nevertheless, he survived the cull and led the Oan Isles through the end of the war.

When the war ended, Locklyn Le Roy convinced the government to cut off relations with nations of the Ethalns. His government sent financial aid and soldiers to the border of Great Morstaybishlia and the Ethalns to administer the demilitarised zone. He strongly despised the Ethalrians and supported their partition. Moreover, he supported the termination of trade and diplomatic ties with the Ethalns. Freedom International named him as one of the respondents in a case at the Oan Supreme Court for ceding too much power to Emperors Ehe and Oahoanu.

War of the Kohatu Isles

When Cyclone Mable struck the Kohatu Isles, Le Roy's government sent humanitarian aid to the country. The aid was a cover to support the National Liberation Movement in liberating the country from the authoritarian Diamond Authority and bringing the islands into the Oan sphere of influence. Under his government, the National Liberation Movement was supplied with tools and weaponry. Moreover, the Oan government cut off aid to the Diamond Authority following the capture of Lazuli, one of the leaders of the NLM. His government authorised the invasion of the Gemica Island where the capital was located, following the Diamond Authority's breach of international prisoner-of-war conventions. The island was captured and the Diamond Authority was overthrown. Following which, his government presided over the formation of a transitional authority led by Lazuli's wife, Opal. The transitional authority conducted a referendum on whether the Kohatu Isles should join the Oan Isles or remain independent. The eventually joined the Oan Isles. Unfortunately, the political tides turned against him as the inspiration for the NLM was Maui Uye-Ahua's fight for Konoan autonomy in the Oan Isles.

Second term as foreign minister

Believing that the Auroran Continental Assembly was a fiasco, he supported the creation of the Auroran Union, which would consist of the former member states of the Allies. Attempts to bring this to fruition failed spectacularly with the Oan Isles eventually joining the United Nations of the Auroran Continent. Following this diplomatic humiliation and coupled with the rising celebrity of Maui Uye-Ahua, he resigned as Prime Minister and was appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs by Prime Minister Maui Uye-Ahua.

During his term, he leveraged the Oan Isles's annexation of the Kohatu Isles to strengthen economic and political relations with Peregrinia. He called for a meeting with Peregrinian King of Caven Alexander Caven-Templeton and Ambassador Lana Lax. In that meeting the two countries resolved maritime claims and respected each other's military presence in the area. His efforts led to the establishment of a joint venture between the Oan National Petroleum Corporation (also known as OAN OIL) and the Royal Caven Petroleum Company of Peregrinia. The Oan government's stake in OAN OIL projects related to the Kohatu Isles was transferred to the Kohatu Isles Sovereign Wealth Fund under the Kohatu Territorial Government.[3]

He represented the Oan Isles at the International Conference on Militarisation and Disarmament organised by President Nimona Poole in Emberwood Coast despite misgivings about the presence of dictatorial and fascistic regimes, a thinly veiled allusion to the Ethalns.[4] He also represented the Oan Isles at the Conference on Auroran Reunification and Peace and presented the country's official stance on the reunification process. [5] He presented the country's misgivings about the establishment of the United Nations of the Auroran Continent and was instrumental in shaping its future vision. Initial proposals to vest legislative power in a Council of member states and to have the both the UNAC and Auroran Central Bank seated in Sani Bursil was shot down. The Oan Isles lobbied Auroran nations to vote for Locklyn Le Roy for the position of President of the UNAC Commission. The Oan government struggled to rally support to have him elected. Instead he withdrew from the race and the Oan government shifted its support to Lara Tarasovna, former Grand Minister of Tuvaltastan. He resigned from his post and was succeeded by Arana Marama as Foreign Minister.

Personal life

He currently lives in Tokapa with his husband of 30 years, Wakatea and their dog, Elphaba. He has 3 children and 5 grandchildren. In his spare time, he enjoys touch rugby and kite surfing.


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