Etuariti Takatunuye

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Etuariti Takatunuye

Etuariti Ihone Takatunuye

March 12, 1978; 46 years ago (1978-03-12)
Alma materUniversity of Tokapa
OccupationComputer scientist
Venture capital investor
Years activeJanuary 1, 2004; 20 years ago (2004-01-01)
Known forInformation Technology
Height6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
SpouseEmily Takatunuye (September 28, 2008; 15 years ago (2008-09-28))
ChildrenEliza Pounamu Takatunuye (18)
Richard Tokaoteiwi Takatunuye (14)
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  • Tiritanga Takatunuye (father)
  • Akaheta Takatunuye (nee Iparoha) (mother)

Etuariti Takatunuye (born Etuariti Ihone Takatunuye on 12 March 1978) is a businessman and computer scientist from The Oan Isles. He is currently the CEO of Cafe Net and a major shareholder of the Damehowe Group.

Originating from Tokapa in the Oan Isles, he is a member of the Takatunuye clan of the Toka tribe. He studied at the University of Tokapa where he earned a PhD in mathematical computation. He started Cafe Net, a search engine which was rejected by the Metatron Corporation. With the support of the Damehowe Group, he established the Café Net corporation which Damehowe eventually bought. With a net worth of approximately 25 billion KRB.

Early life, education and career

He was born in 12 March 1978 to Akaheta and Tiritanga Takatunuye. He attended the University of Tokapa where he graduated with a PhD in mathematical computation. He cited Ada Arohapuru as a major influence in his life and she inspired his love for mathematics and computer science. He played rugby for his university and briefly played in the Oan Super Rugby.

Professional history

Founding Cafe Net

He founded the company in 2010 as a platform to post pictures. Originally the layout and the conceptual design was very simple and primitive. When he came looking for funding, the Metatron Corporation laughed at him and said that his idea for an online platform that would connect the people of the world would fail abysmally. He then pitched the idea to Damehowe executives at the Auroran Conference for Innovation in Information and Communication Technology (known simply as Innovation Con).

They were taken by the idea and as part of their angel investor program, provided him with the financial capital and mentorship to cultivate the idea and establish his start up. The initial prototype search engine at the time called Coffee Club was a stupendous failure. Hardly anyone used it and it was prone to regularly collapse. This was because he had packed an incredible amount of functionality, detracting from its core purpose and undermining the user experience. When Damehowe threatened to pull the plug from the company, his team worked for 3 months and produce a vastly more simple product called Cafe Net. It was an incredibly simple browser yet its initial public offering raised 5 billion KRB on the Sani Bursil Stock Exchange.

Yet it would be years before the company could turn a profit. Instead, Damehowe bought Takatunuye's stake in Cafe Net for 18 billion KRB, making him one of the wealthiest men in the Oan Isles. Damehowe suggested moving the company to Sani Bursil to centralize their operations. Takatunuye refused because he believed that the Oan Isles vibrant tech sector provided some of the best computer scientists and entrepreneurs. Thus, the company remained firmly located in Cafe Net. His browser benefited from its incredibly simple but elegant algorithm, immaculate and user-oriented design. The work of Cafe Net spawned the Cafe Vibes video sharing platform.

Al Jaheed Attacks

In 2017, the Cafe Net office in Latianburg was attacked by Al Jaheed rebels. Although the Oan and Kuthern militaries came to the rescue, Niana Takatunuye, sister of Etuarti and head of that office was kidnapped. Etuarti called on then-Minister of Foreign Affairs Locklyn Le Roy to help with the rescue. Eventually Allied forces rescued Niana. Oan authorities identified the terrorist who did it as Muttar Mimahid. She was eventually rescued as the company's operations in that nation resumed.

The Al Jaheed attacked Cafe Net again in 2017 when they hacked their cloud computing servers. Using a highly sophisticated denial-of-service attack, they shut down Cafe Net servers for a period. Coupled with a bombing on the headquarters of the Oan Intelligence Bureau, this formed a pretext for the Oan Isles and its allies to invade the Yor Isles where Al Jaheed was rumoured to be operating from. OAN NEWS published a scathing article alleging that the Oan government had incited the attack to find an excuse to start the Auroran-Pacific War with the goal of crushing a newly resurgent and ultra-fascistic Ethalria.The Oan government vehemently denied the accusations and won a lawsuit against the OAN NEWS for their claims. Nevertheless, director of the Auroran Security Agency Trent Gomez called for an investigation into the situation. Despite initial backpedaling of the Oans, they agreed to cooperate with the investigation - which was never carried out. He denied complicity and rubbished the claims made by Oan News.

Lumen blockchain

In April 2021, Etuariti announced the creation of the Lumen blockchain. The Lux cryptocurrency, on which the Lumen blockchain runs, had its initial coin offering on the same day as the announcement and generated 100 million KRB in its first day of trading. Etuariti released Lumen under the Net Foundation, a non-profit organization working to advance computer science. His development of proof-of-stake and sharding technology revolutionized the cryptocurrency space.


Etuariti is the Chairman of the Net Foundation, a non-profit non-governmental organization located in the Oan Isles that promotes issues related to computer science such as open-source crowd-collaboration libraries and platforms for a variety of disciplines. The Net Foundation was instrumental in the development of the Lumen chain and has also developed several programming languages and other instruments. The Net Foundation also encourages research and development and helps young entrepreneurs especially from developing countries find investment for and incubate their ideas and startups.

Awards and recognition

He was recognized with an honorary professorate from the University of Tokapa for contributions to computer science. He was made a fellow of the Oan Academy of Science and Emperor Oahoanu awarded him the rank of Knight of the Order of the Blue Macaw for his contributions to science. He is internationally regarded as a noteworthy businessman and scientist.