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Official portrait released in 2019
Prince of Blueacia
Reign30 July 1999 -
Coronation30 July 1999
PredecessorPrince Harmeus of Blueacia
HeirDuke Giovanni
Born (1973-09-18) 18 September 1973 (age 50)
Sani Bursil Royal Palace, Sani Bursil
SpousePrincess Gaetane (m. 1995 - 2008)
Princess Arianne (m. 2014 - )
IssueDuke Giovanni
Duchess Josephina
Duke Arjen
Vermillius Galfridus
FatherPrince Harmeus of Blueacia
MotherPrincess Josephina

Vermillius of Blueacia (Vermillius Galfridus Louzar; 18 September 1973 - ) is the current Prince of Blueacia. He became the Prince when his father abdicated in 1999

Early Life

Vermillius was born in the Royal Palace of Sani Bursil in The Morstaylian Empire. He is born on 18 September 1973. He was the fourth child of Prince Harmeus and Princess Josephina


Strains on the family

At the age of 17 Vermillius somewhat suprisingly became a father. He wasn't yet married, no one even knew that Vermillius had a relation. In a pressconference forced and set up by both the Blueacian and Morstaybishlian branch of the Louzar family Vermillius gave an explanation, and made his excuse. It turned out that Vermillius met the mother of Giovanni at and university party earlier in the year. He brought her home after the party and he stayed the night. After a few weeks it turned out that she was pregnant and she was thinking of abbortion. Vermillius really didn't want her too because this baby might become an important part of the Louzar family. And so it happend that Gaetane kept the child. Both Vermillius and Gaetane told it both their parents and no one else.

In the weeks leading up to the birth of Giovanni rumours started to circulate that something was wrong with Vermillius, since he was seen more and more often at the University Medical Centre Labia Cue. 12 April 1990 Vermillius announced that he was going to give a speech in the hospital. at 8 O'clock that evening Vermillius announced that he became a father the 10th and that the child was going to be his heir, eventhough it technically was illegitimate. This let to big controvisie by the whole family of Louzar and the nations closely allied with Blueacia and Morstaybishlia. Some voices even said that Vermillius should never become the Prince of Blueacia if he actually means it.

Marriage with Gaentane

Since the birth of Giovanni presure was high for Vermillius to marry with Gaentane, esspecially by the family. In 1993 (3 years after Giovanni was born) the family threatened to strip Vermillius of all his titles and privileges if he wasn't going to marry Gaentane quickly. Finally on May 4th 1995 Vermillius got married with Gaentane. In 2000 the pair got another child, this time a daughter named Josephina after Vermillius' mum.

The marriage was never really a happy one. Vermillius and Gaentane were in love, but people always saw that something was not right between the two of them. In 2008 the bubble burst

Prince of Blueacia