Magrete Kverheim

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Magrete Kverheim
Reelected with the motto of "We stand with the Iron Lady!" in 1997
20th Prime Minister of Norgsveldet
In office
21th November 1985 – 1st December 2005
MonarchHarald III
Olav I
Preceded byIvar Dval
Succeeded byOlav Bergenser
Leader of the Labour Party
In office
1st Setember 1980 – 20th November 2005
Preceded byAgnir Hansen
Succeeded byWilhelm Kirkeland
Personal details
Magrete Kverheim

(1943-04-10) 10 April 1943 (age 81)
Vargbo, Norgsveldet
Political partyLabour Party (Norgsveldet)
SpouseJohan Kverheim

Magrete Kverheim was an Norgsveltian Labour Politican and Prime Minister (born 10th April 1943) being second female prime minister and the longest serving prime minister as well. She was first female prime minister of Norgsveldet since Ava Livili who served as prime minister of Norgsveldet between 1875 and 1879. Serving five terms from 1985 to 2005, after her defeat by the NCP leader Olav Bergenser in the election of 2005, she retired from politics and her party chosing Wilhelm Kirkeland as the new leader of the Labour Party. Her goverment being well known for increased worker rights, increased welfare benefits, spearheading the formation of North Concordian Economic Forum and most importantly its involvement in the Meremaa Civil War. On which she was given the nickname Iron Lady, for her agressive diplomacy with other foreign powers such as MBE. With the war ending with victory for the monarchists her popularity increased and of which even the former prime minister of Norgsveldet, Johanna Sverdrup, stating her admiration of the Labour Prime minister.

Since her legacy she has left a remarkable ideological mark on the Labour Party in which political academics defined as Neo-Progressivism or Social Royalism, in which was mostly as the result of her interventionist foreign policy and alliance with the Ulvriktru Democrats, while still keeping progressive economic policies. An political trend that continues to this day. She has also been considered as one of the leading examples of the Pink Revolution, with her having close friendships with several previous female world leaders such as Torunn Æretter of Eyjaria and Judith Ardouin of the Federation.