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Tangrian Federation

Flag of Tangrland
Motto: The light of the maiden protect us!
Anthem: By the blade we fall.
Offical LanguagesTangrian
Nyveldian Norgsveltian
Ethnic groups
36.5% Human, 29.1% Elves, 22.4% Tieflings and 12% Kemonomimi
GovernmentParliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• King
• High Lord
Feirleik VI
• Minister-President
Sigrid Basgu
Federal Senate
• Settlement
• Unification and First Kingdom Declared
• Union with Riksheim
• Second Kingdom Declared
• Crown Protectorare Declared
• Crown State status
• Independence from Norgsveldet
30th January 2023
• Estimate
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
$860,46 billion
• Per capita
CurrencyUnited Krone (UKR)
Driving sideright

The Tangrian Federation, more commonly known as just Tangrland, is a federal sovereign state located within North-East Gondwana, sharing a border with Nyveldet on its East, Salisar to its West, Vistari North Gondwana and Twelijnland to its South. It also shares a small border with the Morstaybishlian overseas territories of Balidar and Kystland. Tangrland is an constitutional monarchy within an parliamentary system, with its current monarch being Olav I which the nation shares with other members of the Crown Realm. Having previously been a Crown State under Norgsveldet, but recently gained independence on the 30th January 2023. Tangrland being the second most populous nation on the Gondwanan continent, with a population of 101,231,020 which mostly concentrated in its most Northern regions. Its largest city being Mærdalen, with a population of around 18 million people. Its capital is Mærhalen, one of the smaller cities in Tangrland.

The nation is within several international organizations such as the NCEF and the Norgsveltian Crown Realm, having the largest population in the later organization. Tangrland is a large diverse nation with a large developing economy. The state religion being Tangrianism, though the government under Minister-President Sigrid Basgu having given protections too religious minorities such as Akuanists, Ulvriktruars and Duarists.


Tangrland is an large developing economy with the second lowest gdp per capita in the NCEF with around 8,500 SHD. With the nation being closely integrated economically with Meremaa and Norgsveldet through NCEF projects. With the nation’s economy, especially around its agricultural and manufacturing sectors, being dominated by large international companies most notably from UCCS, Vistaraland and Norgsveldet. The country is estimated to be one of Gondwana’s largest economies with it having the second largest population on the continent. Though huge majority of its trade is done outside of the continent through the Crown Realm and NCEF.

Agriculture remains one of its most vital industries with 24.6% of its GDP, with 25% of its land area reserved for agriculture and employing about 25 million people (33% of its total workforce). Its primary agricultural commodities include rice, peanuts, natural rubber, lumber, cocoa, coffee, sugar cane, bananas, soybeans, beef, pork and eggs. With Tangrland being the main supplier of coffee in Norgsveldet and the Federation.

Manufacturing has grown rapidly in the country’s economic development in recent years with several large manufacturing companies from Norgsveldet having moved to Tangrland as the Norgsveltian economy moved more towards service industry resulting in a larger decline in domestic manufacturing. With the Norgsveltian government having increasingly relied on the Tangrland for cheaper labor as it distanced itself from Packilvania in the 2010s. Manufacturing makes up to 40.7% of its GDP employing about 15,5 million people (20% of its total workforce). With the primary areas of productions being textiles and garments, food and beverages, electronics, automotives and chemicals. With companies like Elvevann and Nyveldian Eagle being well established there.