Telvi II

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Telvi II
Grand Duke
Telvi in millitary uniform
Grand Duke of Meremaa
Duke of Kaladeirde
Reign1st July 1960 - 10th July 2000
Coronation1st July 1960
PredecessorNjord I
Heir ApparentNjord II
Born10th October 1925
Kalaborgdurg hospital
Died1 January 2020(2020-01-01) (aged 94)
IssuePrince Telvi
Princess Henrelete
Prince Svende
Telvi Sortteir Krigshelt Teirlekson

Telvi II (Telvi Sortteir Krigshelt Teirlekson, born 10th October 1925) was the Grand Duke of Meremaa between 1960 to 2000 after he got elected to the post in 1960, and was the Duke of Kaladeirde between 1955 to his death in 2020. With his son Prince Telvi becoming the new Duke of Kaladeirde. His reign being most well known for it's leadership during the Meremaa Civil War in which he lead the victory over the republican forces. With the execution of the republican leadership being overseen by him as well. Despite losing the title after Njord II being elected, he was still active in politics until his death. Often put as the main reasons why reforms from the current Grand Duke has been going slowly. Despite the critism faced from foreign media, Telvi II is still praised as war hero within Meremaa.