Harald III

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Harald III
King Harald III in military uniform
King of Norgsveldet
King of Tangrland
King of Maanbriak
King of Vakrestrender
King of Federation
King of Eyjaria
Grand Duke of Dvalheim
Duke of Haakondal
Fylkir of Ulvriktru
Einherjar of Osfjord
Reign11th June 1984 - 21st April 2002
Coronation11th June 1984
PredecessorQueen Magrete I
Heir ApparentKing Olav I
Prime MinistersMagrete Kverheim
Ivar Dval
Born29th May 1934
Osfjord Royal Palace Osfjord
Died9 November 2018(2018-11-09) (aged 84)
Osfjord State Royal Hospital
IssuePrince Olav
Prince Sverre
Princess Melissa
Princess Astrid
Harald Rikshelg Krigskongir Dvergvenn Ragnarson
MotherMagrete I

Harald III (II in Tangrland) (Harald Rikshelg Dvergvenn Ragnarson, born 29th May 1934 and death 9th November 2018) was King of Norgsveldet and it's crown realms from 11th June 1984 until his abdication in 2002, being the first Norgsveltian monarch to do so since Fredrick I in 1847. Giving the crown to his second son Olav. Was also the leading reason for Norgsveltian Millitary success in the Meremaa Civil War.