Robert Delari

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The Profound Estimable
Robert Delari
Delari at a party conference, 1979
18th Prime Minister of Great Morstaybishlia
In office
12 March 1985 – 6 May 1991
MonarchEdwin IV
Preceded byDonald Kreitser
Succeeded byRupert Sinkasa
Leader of the Civic Party
In office
23 February 1982 – 11 May 1997
Preceded byNeville Thorne
Succeeded byMartha Equilstein
Member of Parliament
for North Montinay and Salternay
In office
8 February 1957 – 5 May 1998
Preceded byKirus Lanx
Succeeded byJeremy Kunthe
Majority59,602 (61.5%)
Personal details
Robert Sinter Krasmann Delari

7 September 1914
Fort Jubrayn, Staynes, Great Morstaybishlia
Died21 February 2003(2003-02-21) (aged 88)
Fort Ejard, Staynes
Political partyCivic Party
SpouseSara Fletcher (m. 1943-1999)
Alma materMontinay University

Robert Sinter Krasmann Delari (7 September 1914 - 21 February 2003) was a former Staynish politician and former Civic Prime Minister of Great Morstaybishlia from 1985 to 1991. He served as MP for North Montinay and Salternay for his entire political career from 1957 until his retirement in 1998 and is the last Civic Prime Minister to hold office.

Despite the Civics being a centrist party with left and right leaning factions, Robert Delari was considered the party's most right-wing leader, mainly because of his international policies. His ministry was remembered for its compromising views with social welfare, early advocating for gay rights and involvement in the Meremaa Civil War.

Delari Administration

Delari sided with the Republican Forces of Meremaa and defiantly withdrew Morstaybishlian endorsement of the Meremain Government in the beginning of 1990 following a military shooting on a labour strike. He announced Morstaybishlia would support the Republican Forces to promote democracy in the region and Morstaybishlia entered the Meremaa Civil War in May 1990. His ministry gained large scrutiny for its public support of the Republican Forces after they began burning down Ulvriktru temples and killing religious adherents.

During the war, Delari sent in and lost his first Celidizia-class aircraft carrier MBS Augustine, the results of which saw parliament motion a vote of no confidence. Delari refused to resign and said he would win the 1991 Great Morstaybishlia General Election but ultimately lost. His legacy tarred the public opinion of the Civics in the 1990s and 2000s to such an extent that it nearly dissolved.