Shiro Academy

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Shiro Academy
Formation1784; 240 years ago (1784)
FounderGovernment of 1 Infinite Loop
Founded atCupertino, 1 Infinite Loop
TypeResidential public research university
Legal statusNon-profit organisation
PurposeTertiary education
Academic research

Shiro Academy is a world renowned research university with campuses in 1 Infinite Loop and the Free Pacific States. Founded as a war academy in 1783, Shiro grew to become a diverse educational institution over the next 150 years, and became a formally non-military college in 1953. Packilvania destroyed the Cupertino Campus during the 2005 Pax-Looplite War, prompting the Shiro administration to relocate "temporarily" to Tilden Island in the Free Pacific States. Shiro reopened its Cupertino Campus in 2009, but continued operating its Tilden Campus, which had became quite profitable. Shiro today offers secondary, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and military courses, all world-class, and proudly hosts many of the smartest young minds on Urth, along with the children of many of the most influential families.

Shiro Academy Tilden is located on Tilden Isle, the tropical Free Pacifican island in the Bay of Joy. The Shiro Academy shares its campus with the University of Tilden, a mid-tier public college. The 40,000 Shiro students dominate the campus, but UT's 5,000 students possess the advantage of being able to audit Shiro's classes for free. Tilden University legally owns the campus, and handles all law enforcement, emergency services, facilities, and utilities. The two universities generally operate in harmony, largely by maintaining completely separate apparatuses for housing, academics, and student services separate.


Map showing Shiro Academy, Tilden's proximity to the Pacific Ocean
Floor plan of Wachin Dormitory at Shiro Academy, Tilden, Free Pacific States

The Shiro-Tilden Campus is absolutely stunning, and well connected, but surrounded by an unsavory area. The Academy is right on the beachfront of the tropical Tilden Island, making it a bright, beautiful place to attend, especially for those that enjoy a good swim. The booming metropolis of Garneldo is just an hour away by car or train (with a intercity train station just off campus), and students can fly anywhere from Garneldo International Airport, or sail anywhere from Garneldo's booming port. But the Shiro-Tilden Campus is surrounded by abandoned homes left behind after the tech bust of the mid-1990s, and crime is rife in these old houses despite the best efforts of the well-funded University County Sheriff's Department. Of course, many college students also enjoy booming parties in the shuttered mansions along the coast, despite the threat of being mugged on the way back to campus. Campus itself is quite safe.

The main dormitory is the Wachin Dormitory. A five story structure, Wachin Dormitory is the Southernmost residence hall on the Shiro Academy campus, the closest to the Pacific Ocean, and it faces South towards the ocean. The dormitory features a bath house, located in the courtyard formed by the "L" shaped dormitory, and a parking lot on the North-Western side of the building. A circular driveway is located on the North-Eastern side of the building. There are both singles and doubles on the floor, so students may or may not have a roommate. There are only public bathrooms on the floor.

Academic and corporate partnerships

Pamphlet of the 2021 Ita Marama Summer Internship Program for first year undergraduate and masters students.
Pamphlet of the 2021 University of Tokapa-Shiro Academy student exchange program

As a highly regarded institution of higher learning across the world, Shiro Academy has attracted partnerships from across the world. The University of Tokapa maintains a student and faculty exchange program allowing students and faculty to study and work at UCT's Tokapa campus in the Oan Isles for part of their programme and tenure respectively. Ita Marama, the largest professional services network in the world specialising in accountancy and auditing, has targeted its vacation work and internship programs at accounting, finance, information technology, law and related majors at the university.

Notable staff

Notable alumni