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Top to Bottom, Left to Right: South Tarov Port, the Ellynoy, West Tarov Cultured Beef and Dairy Factory, Overlook of Eastern Tarov, Tarov Commercial District
Top to Bottom, Left to Right: South Tarov Port, the Ellynoy, West Tarov Cultured Beef and Dairy Factory, Overlook of Eastern Tarov, Tarov Commercial District
Flag of Tarov
Location of Tarov in Tivot
Location of Tarov in Tivot
Established as Tarivus~325 AD
Renamed to Tarov976 AD
 • TypeMayor-Council
 • MayorTalia Periuli
 • Council of Tarov
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 • Total12,251.9 km2 (4,730.5 sq mi)
 • Total22,778,754
 • Rank1
 • Density1,858.7/km2 (4,814/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Tarovan, Tarieli

Tarov, officially the Port City of Tarov, is the capital and most populous city in Tivot. Stretching along the western half of the mainland, it is home to 22,778,754 individuals (the fifth largest in the world)[1], and is host to the nation's governing organizations. The city is the economic, political, and cultural center of the nation, with the vast majority of the nation's financial sectors and poltical dealings ocurring within the city. The Tarov Province is by far the largest in population, holding 39 times more population than the other three provinces combined. Tarov sits at a unique political position, holding the majority of the Tivotian population, with exceptions being Port Triklov, Per, and the native inhabitants of Alirus Isle. As such, the Mayor of Tarov operates as a de facto second leader of the nation, with the Chief Executive forced to concede some authority to the Mayor as a result. The current Mayor of Tarov is Talia Periuli.

The first inhabitants of the area arrived soon after the migration into Aurora via the Strathepolic Ridge, with prehistoric artifacts dotting the Horn of Caltharus. Various settlements would develop on the peninsula, forming a collection of city-states that interacted with each other for centuries (many of those being successors to the modern-day Tarov), until in 950 AD when Louzar successfully united the peninsula under the Republic of Caltharus. The northern end of the peninsula remained part of Caltharus until in 976 AD during the Great Battle of Cape Mortagra, when the region was taken over by Salovia, Tarov along with it. The initial takeover was only partly successful however, as the Salovian Interregnum would leave the newly-founded Tivot vulnerable to Caltharusian invasion. The ethnic Salovian population warred against the Caltharusians for much of the duration of the Interregnum, until in 1034 the reinstated Salovian monarchy began the Salovian Reconquest of Tivot, part of the larger Wars of Reconquest from 1030 to 1043. After the reconquering, Tarov would soon become Salovia's center for economic trade in the north, serving as the launching point for various expeditions which would lead to the colonization of places like Puntalia, Lapimuhyo, and Ayaupia, among others. Throughout Salovian history, it was the largest or second-largest city of the nation, thanks to its location and reputation as more autonomous when compared to the rest of Salovia. This role as one of the major focal points of the nation was interrupted during the Great War, when Great Morstaybishlia invaded and captured Tivot. By the end of the war, most of the territory gained by either side was returned to the original owners, with a few minor concessions throughout the world in reparation for the war. After being returned to Salovia, Tarov would continue to be a major center of Salovia until the conclusion of the Auroran Imperial War, when in 1976 it would peacefully gain independence from Salovia after a referendum the year prior. Independence from Salovia would only further the economic prowess of the city, as international investment became more and more welcome to the Tarovan and Tivotian governments.

Tarov is by far the largest urban economy in Tivot by gross domestic product, and is considered a major world city. As a major city in Aurora, it is a leading business and finance center on the continent, among the likes of Sani Bursil and Aura. It is host to a large number of Auroran 100 companies, being the second- or third- largest financial center on the continent, alongside Sani Bursil and Aura as well as being the location of the Auroran Central Bank. The Ellynoy, at 1000 meters tall, is the tallest building in former Salovia, and in the top five tallest buildings in Aurora. Tarov is also part of the Auroran L.O.O.P. System that connects Tarov, Sani Bursil, and Aura together in one high-speed rail line, with a few other major cities connected as well.


Overview of Fort P'osk'ovi and Old Tarov