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The Oan Lunar Calendar (Oan: Maramataka or Te Porotitira Marama Oa, OLC) is the official calendar of the Oan Isles. It is based on the cycles of Olune. The Oan Lunar Calendar was developed at least 4000 years ago. As chronographic technology has been developed, the calendar has been developed. During the reign of Ahua the Great, the calendar was separated into Before the Unification of the Oan Isles (BU) to After the Unification of the Oan Isles (AU). Thus, the Oan Isles is currently in year 1021 AU (which is 2021 CE). The Oan calendar starts during the month of Pipiri and is called Whakanui o te Matariki (shortened to Matariki and is the only secular holiday of the Oan Isles) (which spans May-June of the International Standard Calendar (CE)).

Months of the year

  1. Pipiri (May–June)
  2. Hongonui (or Hōngongoi, June–July)
  3. Here-turi-kōkā (July–August)
  4. Mahuru (August–September)
  5. Whiringa-ā-nuku (September–October)
  6. Whiringa-ā-rangi (October–November)
  7. Hakihea (November–December)
  8. Kohi-tātea (December–January)
  9. Hui-tanguru (January–February)
  10. Poutū-te-rangi (February–March)
  11. Paenga-whāwhā (March–April)
  12. Haratua (April–May)

Days of the week

  1. Rāhina – Monday,
  2. Rātu – Tuesday,
  3. Rāapa – Wednesday,
  4. Rāpare – Thursday,
  5. Rāmere – Friday,
  6. Rāhoroi – Saturday,
  7. Rātapu – Sunday

Nights of the month

A typical lunar month cycle lasts for 29.53 days. Each night carries a name according to the Maramataka. For example, Whiro is the first night of the new moon, Tirea is the second night, and so on until Mutuwhenua, the last night. The cycle starts again with the appearance of the next new moon, with Whiro, Tirea, and so on. The night names are as follows:

  1. Whiro
  2. Tirea
  3. Ohoata
  4. Oue
  5. Okoro
  6. Tamatea
  7. Tamatea-ngana
  8. Tamatea-aio
  9. Tamatea-whakapau
  10. Huna
  11. Ari
  12. Hotu
  13. Mawharu
  14. Atua
  15. Ohua
  16. Turu
  17. Rakau-nui
  18. Rakau-matohi
  19. Takirau
  20. Oike
  21. Korekore
  22. Korekore-turua
  23. Korekore whakapiri ki Nga Tangaroa
  24. Tangaroa-amua
  25. Tangaroa-aroto
  26. Tangaroa-kiokio
  27. Otane
  28. Orongonui
  29. Maurea
  30. Mutu


The following holidays are designated by the government. Religious holidays are called Harikoa (Feast) and secular holidays are called Whakanui (Celebration). Official dates are in bold and are given on either the Oan Lunar Calendar or the International Standard Solar Calendar. There is some debate as to whether Ahua's Day is a religious or secular holiday.

Day Oan translation ISSC Date OLC Date Note
Oan New Year's Day Whakanui o te Matariki (Celebration of the New Year) May-July Whiro Pipiri (1 Pipiri) Start of the Oan Year
Thaer's Day Harikoa o te Atea (Day of the Creator) 15 August Here-turi-kōkā (August)
Prophet Matilda Day Harikoa o te Whakakitenga ki te Poropiti Matiriha (Feast of the Revelation to Prophet Matilda) 3 September Mahuru (September)
Maui's Day Harikoa mo te Panui o Maui (Feast of the Annunciation of Maui) November-December Ari Hakihea (11 Hakihea) Celebration of the announcement by Maui to Ahua leading to the Thaerisation of Polynesia
Summer Celebration Day Harikoa o te Raumati Raumati (Feast of the Summer Solstice) December-January Ohua Kohi-tātea (15 Kohi-tātea)
Ahua's Day Harikoa o te Koroneihana o Ahua (Celebration of the Coronation of Ahua) March-April Ōrongonui Paenga-whāwhā (28 Paenga-whāwhā) National day of the Oan Isles celebrating the crowing of Ahua the Great and the formal establishment of the Oan Isles