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Islovium is an alcoholic liquor from Vekaiyu. It has a woody, spicy (though not in the sense of heat) sensation on the tongue yet sustains an aftertaste similar to clove, reminiscent of the fermented jaku fruit from which the liquor is derived from. The liquor is believed to taste different between vulpines and humans, but is assumed to have better harmony of flavors for the vulpine palette. Due to its typically strong flavor, many may wish to dilute it with a number of options. A typical Islovium cocktail is typically made with club soda and a splash of lemon on the rocks.

The liquor was first mentioned in a manuscript dating to the fifth century, B.C. A popular belief among the Vekaiyun people is that the best Islovium comes from Solike. While this may or may not be true, historically the province was among the most southern in the nation and may have been used to advertise it among the more popular provinces.

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