Ilivuru'selah Forest

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A grove in Ilivuru'selah Forest.

Despite being a seemingly inconsequential stretch of woods, Ilivuru'selah Forest in Vekaiyu gained notoriety for being the setting for a key battle in the fight for Vekaiyun independence in 585 A.D., when the Vekaiyun army camped near the forest's widest, depressed clearing and waited for the Nugalan army to bottleneck, removing the prowess of its sheer numbers compared to the vulpine army. The battle, which eventually became known as The Battle of All-Souls, resulted in a Vekaiyun victory, but many at the time believed the dead of suppressed Vekaiyu came to life to claim victory, hence the name of the battle. As the Nugalan army attempted retreat, an unusually strong storm set in, preventing escape out of the forest. The Vekaiyun army, knowing the terrain quite well, was able to make quick work of their numbers. Prior to the battle, the area was known as a pagan holdout for Vekaiyun groups who did not readily convert to their new religion. Such events are lost to time, but it is reasonable to suspect Vekaiyuns in their newfound state made quick work of any covens hidden deep within its groves.

At times the forest can appear to be a confusing mess of passageways, due to its unusual growing patterns. The actual battle site from All-Souls remains devoid of vegetation to this day, and seems "stained" in red, something which the locals say no rain or snow will ever wipe clean. Even to this day it is not uncommon to find an old artifact from the battle past, like a piece of armor, cloth, or some old bones from ancient times. The Vayan Catholic Church declared its grounds sacred in 671 A.D., and even though the lands have been blessed dozens of times and decorated with crosses, it remains a rather ominous setting. Multiple reports exist of unexplained encounters, from seeing images of ancient soldiers, to disembodied voices, to silhouetted figures in the evening hours. Many videos on the Vekaiyun equivalent of youtube exist where unexplained lights and strange apparitions with white, glowing eyes populate the area, but of course, the comments sections are full of skeptics. Still, the violent history of the region is intact. It is to this end few decide to venture to such a location. Those who do may end up missing, as every year several individuals vanish near or within its premises.

The forest is one of many protected lands in the Vekaiyun Province of Vusave. Outside of a few religious holidays, it's mostly avoided by the locals, but every once and a while a few brave souls decide to venture within its vales.

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