Ehjy Yslevestri

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Ehjy Yslevestri is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs in Vekaiyu. He is charged with all relations between Vekaiyu and other nations of The East Pacific that are not reserved to the Premier of Vekaiyu, Ikrisia Levinile. He oversees the selection, function, and movements of the Vekaiyun Foreign Officers. He has served the post since April 11th, 2011 and has used his organization talents to streamline his department. Knolwedgable of other languages and cognizant of cultural faux pas, he is quick with a smile and prefers to be of optimum comfort before getting to business. He is typically seen in a black suit with hair slicked back. One should not confuse his soft spoken demeanor with inadequacy or apprehensiveness - he prefers to be cerebral in his actions and believes rushing to quick decisions is brutish.

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