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T.A.R.A (Terrorism And Rebellion Act) is an ongoing RP thread by Kyrla which concerns the fascist Tass dictatorship in Kyrloth, as well as its annexations of Kireitarenu'a and Izria.

Key characters

Sinter Tass - leader of the Soldiers' Guild and prime minister of Kyrloth.

Runner is'Vaara - anarchist, activist, and primary host of Radio Black Flag.

Gull Hughny - leader of the Socialist Party.


Parts 1 & 2

1. (2018-06-01) - During a parliamentary debate, Spiritualist party leader Masari Té MP shoots and kills prime minister Hefanira Tara. As a result, deputy prime minister Sinter Tass, leader of the Soldiers' Guild, becomes the new prime minister.

2, 3, 4. (2018-06-07) - Tass makes a speech to the nation, banning the Spiritualist party and announcing the titular Terrorism And Rebellion Act, which includes anything "deemed by the prime minister to be harmful to Kyrloth as a whole" under the umbrella of Rebellion. Keras, a political activist, is one of the first to be arrested under the Act following a Chatsnap post.

5, 6. (2019-01-18) - The Council-Guild coalition has collapsed and Tass's budget orders fail to pass through parliament. Tass calls an election for 16 February.

7, 8, 9. (2019-01-26) - A terrorist attack in Kasra Mall, A/Z, kills 28 and injures 41. Tass uses this as justification to pass the Police Expanded Protection Bill, with the support of most of the Board and half of the Council. An arrest warrant is signed for is'Vaara shortly after, but he escapes the police and relocates to a Black Flag safehouse.

10. (2019-02-19) - 2019 Kyrloth General Election - The Soldiers' Guild wins a bare majority of seats (73/144). Tass now has complete control over the Kyrlot government, which he uses to replace key figures across the nation with his allies.

Part 3

11, 12. (2019-05-04) - Arul Sadzhuren, a Kyrlot citizen, is arrested in Kireitarenu'a for being "drunk and disorderly". Tass calls the test fraudulent and demands his release. The rapidly escalating tensions between the two nations lead to a declaration of war on May 10th as troops cross the River Valla.

13, 14, 15. (2019-05-11) - The Kyrlot army advances through Kireitarenu'a. General Artun Sotarikos captures Elerin Kai Elera, a civilian resisting occupation, and cuts off one of his ears.

16. (2019-05-14) - Several chemical weapons, known as Anti-Personnel Bombs, are detonated during the Battle of Irala, drawing international condemnation.

17, 18. (2019-05-15) - Kyrlot private Hodzhin Jair and Kireitan local Oterosana Herhasa break Elera out of the camp. They head west through occupied territory towards Azmarin/Zlovskavaar, where Herhasa has contacts with anarchist organisation Black Flag.

19, 20. (2019-05-25) - Annexation of Kireitarenu'a - The Kyrlot Armed Forces capture Korretis and Kireitarenu'a surrenders. Premier Asatarhadia Mira is captured.

21, 22, 23. (2019-05-30) - In Great Morstaybishlia, prime minister Franklin Barvata takes note of the situation but decides to not get involved unless they are directly impacted by Tass's actions. In Norgsveldet, prime minister Johanna Sverdrup expects the MBE will intervene eventually, and decides to pre-emptively improve relations with Kyrloth. In Blueacia, Tass's offshore bank account is frozen.

24, 25. (2019-06-29) - 2019 Kireitan Provisional Election - Provisional elections are held in the newly annexed territory. Provisional party lists have to be approved by the prime minister, so this in effect gives the Soldiers' Guild 72 extra seats - enough to pass the 2/3 threshold and change the constitution.

Part 4

26. (2019-08-01) - Tass uses an ancient and forgotten treaty as justification for war against Izria.

27. (2019-08-07) - The war in Izria is going slower than expected. There is growing discontent in the KAF, especially with one Pvt. Kaiun Astur.

28, 29, 30. (2019-08-11) - The Guild signs Amendment 84 into law, which allows them to sign arrest warrants for opposition members of parliament under T.A.R.A, including Gull Hughny, who evades the police and by the next morning is at a Black Flag safehouse in Eszravaar, in a radio interview hosted by is'Vaara. This leads to the formation of The Opposition - an alliance involving nearly all of Kyrloth's trade unions and the three opposition parties in the House of Debate - the Socialists, the Council, and the Board.

31. (2019-09-06) - East Cerdani becomes the second country to levy unilateral sanctions against Kyrloth.

32. (2019-10-22) - Annexation of Izria - After extensive carpet bombing of the Izrian capital of Taren, the Nordrun Dynasty is nearly entirely wiped out, and Izria is annexed. The surrender agreement also involves handover of all oil rigs in Izria's territorial water, including several owned by Embask and LegaPetro.

33. (2019-10-31) - Barvata, Sverdrup and King Olav I meet with delegates from Kuthernburg, Nacata, Eyjaria and the NSTO in Osfjord, Norgsveldet. Hundreds of oil rig workers from all over the world are stuck in what is now Kyrloth. Blockades and sanctions are discussed but not agreed on.

34, 35. (2019-11-07) - Tass wants information on how the oil rigs operate. Most staff have agreed to share their knowledge, but the crew of the Lion of Taren have refused. Lt. Kav Etsur is unable to extract the information, so Gen. Sotarikos commandeers a boat to the Lion of Taren. The rig has been turned off, and the build-up of pressure in the system threatens to destroy it. The MBE has worked out that the only workers still on the rigs are on the Lion of Taren; Admiral Vorkas orders the HMS Dovia to approach it and monitor the situation.

36, 37. (2019-11-07) - Gen. Sotarikos tortures and kills five rig workers but fails to find out how to control the Lion of Taren. Lt. Etsur informs Tass of this; he strips Sotarikos of his rank and orders him to be "disposed of". Lt. Etsur locks Sotarikos in with his victims, and puts the survivors and his KAF squad on a boat back to Grimsfjord. Having confirmed there were casualties, Tass takes a government jet to the conference in Osfjord. The beginnings of a treaty are starting to get hashed out when the Lion of Taren explodes, taking the HMS Dovia down with it. The news quickly reaches Barvata, who demands a heavy price be paid. The resulting treaty sees Kyrloth pay SH$20 billion in damages and reparations- over 5% of their total GDP.

Part 5

39. (2021-05-14) - Eyjarian prime minister Kjolf Bardsen orders fighter jets to Kyrloth's Boreyjr Island.

38. (2021-05-16) - Irala Massacre - Peaceful protests against Kyrlot occupation in Irala on the second anniversary of the Battle of Irala are met with lethal force after an undercover cop throws a rock at the amassed riot police, leading to the murder of 161 civilians.

40, 41, 42. (2021-05-17) - The massacre draws international condemnation. The Church of Akrona sends support to The Opposition through contacts at the United Workers' Party in Vesienväl. Sokala demands an investigation into the deaths, which on the 18th is developed into an International Forum resolution from Aivintis and Alksearia, which is approved (37-6). The investigators are refused entry to the country.

Urthvision XV (2021-07-01) - Kyrloth hosts the 15th edition of the Urthvision Songfestival in Azmarin/Zlovskavaar. The show is interrupted by hacktivists broadcasting photos and video of the massacre to an estimated audience of 300 million, followed by a power cut caused by a foreshock of the 2021 Aduraszna quake and tsunami.

Advance notice

Invasion of Kurandia - 2021-07-17 - The aftermath of the 2021 South Staynish independence referendum causes party-political chaos in Great Morstaybishlia. Kurandian prime minister Hanuketa Aruletsz has drafted a letter to join the Pact of Rosaheim, causing in-fighting among which exposes left-vs-liberal divisions in the Constitutionalist coalition. This leads to a vote of no confidence against Aruletsz. The idea that these nations' leaderships would therefore be distracted, combined with underestimating the extent of Eyjarian and Norgsveltian willingness to get involved (since Kurandia will not be joining the Pact of Rosaheim) leads Tass to declare war on Kurandia.

2021-07-18 - It quickly becomes obvious that Tass has misjudged the situation. The Pact of Rosaheim immediately votes to intervene. Eyjarian and Norgsveltian warships enter the Livets Strait to intercept Kyrlot transport vessels. Several platoons of troops have already landed on the eastern coast of Kurandia; Norgsveldet and Great Morstaybishlia send troops to repel the invasion; the MBE military bases in Kurandia begin mobilising. Eyjarian forces capture Boreyjr Island in a world-record twenty minutes after the forty-seven KAF troops stationed there mistake nearby ferries for many platoons of backup, and surrender. Tass discovers that the Pact of Rosaheim has stepped in to defend Kurandia after being informed that Boreyjr Island has been lost.

2021-08-20 - With help from the MIB and NCIS, The Opposition launches a two-week general strike; five and a half million workers, approximately 40% of the workforce, take part.

2021-08-21 - The Security Council of the International Forum votes to financially support The Opposition.

2021-08-22 - Realising he's deeply underestimated the impact of the general strike, Tass arranges a ceasefire with the Pact of Rosaheim (although the MBE refuses) on the basis that Kyrloth cedes Boreyjr Island to Eyjaria. Although some transport vessels are sunk by Morstaybishlian warships, the majority of the Kurandia invasion force manages to return to mainland Kyrloth. Although protests and soup kitchens are generally broken up by the army, police, and security contractors, the scale of the strike sends the Kyrlot economy into a tailspin.

2021-09-01 - The general strike comes to an end (although further wildcat strikes are widespread). In an attempt to stop further strikes,Tass legislates for a strict curfew and restrictions on gathering in large numbers.

2021-09-15 - The Opposition Simultaneously, their Black Flag safehouse on Zlovskavaar Island is discovered and raided by police forces; several members including Hughny are arrested and sent to the barracks on the south-western tip of the island, where he is tortured and interrogated for more information on the group. Is'Vaara organises a protest for the following day and warns attendees they may need to defend themselves.

2021-09-16 - The protest takes place. A small number of police officers who attempted to pre-emptively secure the square get surrounded and surrender their arms. Simultaneously, a group of freedom fighters attempt to find and locate Hughny. Both endeavours soon turn violent with many shots fired. After many hours of fighting, government facilities such as power stations, train depots, and eventually Dar'kana Tower itself are controlled by Opposition forces. Some elements of the government, who have seen the writing on the wall, surrender control or switch allegiance.

2021-09-17 - At 1.12pm, the West Borean Federation is declared. Tass and the few higher-ups still loyal to him have boarded a private jet due from The Barracks in southwest Zlovskavaar to Fortryde, Nystatiszna. After some fighting, the plane is stopped and Tass is remanded into custody.