Oan Airways

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Oan Airways
IATA ICAO Callsign
HubsTokapa International Airport, Tokapa , The Oan Isles
SubsidiariesOan Air Technical
Oan Air Express
Blue Macaw Airways
Fleet size500
Company sloganFly freely (Rere noa)
HeadquartersTokapa, Tokamotu, The Oan Isles
Key peopleCEO Kiri Waitangi
Chairman Miko Rotorua

Oan Airways (Oan: Te Kaikawe Rangi o Nga Motuere Oa) is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Oan Isles. It is based at the Tokapa International Airport which serves as its main hub. Founded in 1950 to modernise travel and connect the Oan Isles with Aurora, today it links all five main inhabited continents of Urth.


Oan Airways was founded in 1950 by the government of the Oan Isles to enable the transport of people and goods between the Oan Isles and mainland Aurora. As an island nation, transport between parts of its territory and with between itself and other nations was facilitated by shipping. Unfortunately, shipping was slow and inefficient. Moreover, the country wanted to display that it was modernizing. Hence, calls for the establishment of a airline for the Oan Isles grew, prompting the government to allocate funds and pass enabling legislation to establish a national airlines for the Oan Isles.

At its start, Oan Airways transported wealthy clients between Tokamotu and Noamotu,. It added flights to Salovia, Ethalria and Morstaybishlia in the 1960s. Oan Air Cargo Ltd was established in the 1970s to transport cargo to and from Oan and Auroran destinations. Oan Airways Technical was established in the 1980s to enable the company to improve its technical support capabilities. These factors enabled it to launch flights to Kuthernburg, South Hills, and Peregrinia

in the 1990s. Oan Air Express was established to take over low-cost flights while Blue Macaw Airways was established to provide personal jet services to the wealthy in the late 1990s. The company expanded its offering e, Tretrid, Mexregiona, New Leganes, and the Gordic Council in the 2000s.

Corporate affairs and identity

Head office

The head offices of Oan Airways are located in Tokapa International Airport Complex. The site is the hub of the Airways, which keeps most of its aircraft and administers most of its operations from the location.


The government of the Oan Isles is the sole shareholder of Oan Airways. The Chief Executive Officer, currently Kiri Waitangi, administers the daily running of the airline and reports to the Board. The Board is responsible for executive decision making and its meetings are chaired and convened by the Chairperson, currently Miko Rotorua. Although the company has latitude in the exercise of its affairs, decisions which materially affect the shareholder’s interests require the approval of the Minister of Public Works, currently Ohana Putea, who in turn reports to the Council of Ministers.


  1. Oan Air Express is a low cost carrier for regional flights in the greater West Pacific and Caven Sea insular region.
  2. Blue Macaw Airways provides personal jet services to the wealthy.
  3. Oan Air Technical provides technical and engineering services to Oan Airways and other domestic airlines.


Oan Airways is the main sponsor of the Oan Isles’ edition of Super Rugby. Super Rugby is a rugby union tournament that bring together the most elite teams in the Oan Isles. It is one of the most widely watched and prestigious rugby union competitions in the world.


Oan Airways currently flies to the following destinations:

  1. Atiland
  2. Caltharus
  3. Dragonia
  4. Emberwood Coast
  5. Iboma
  6. Jusdelva
  7. Karishkanov
  8. Kuthernburg
  9. Krystalinia
  10. Latianburg
  11. Lessau
  12. Mexregiona
  13. New Leganes
  14. Norgsveldet
  15. Packilvania
  16. Peregrinia
  17. Sokala
  18. South Hills
  19. Valeria
  20. Staynes
  21. Tavaris
  22. Tivot
  23. Tretrid
  24. Tuvaltastan
  25. Vistaraland
  26. Vivancantadia
  27. Volkia
  28. Yadylika
  29. Yor Isles