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GłównyBernard V
Separated fromNiabism


Silvism is a monotheistic religion founded in Korćetta, and was practiced by humans across the Kaskada region. Wszechświat, the goddess of the universe, is the god that Silvism worships. Silvism is worshiped in Silvist temples, which are located in the forest away from cities to avoid disturbances. The religion is schism of Niabism.


In Silvism forests are the most sacred places, this is because it has been said that Wszechświat's favorite places that she created were the forests and everything in them. It has also been said that everything was given a soul, because Wszechświat cherished everything she created. This means that in Silvism it is forbidden to take or destroy anything in forests, as well as cutting down trees, as trees are what Wszechświat liked the most.

Wszechświat is believed to have liked humans the most out of all species, so humans were superior to other species. This lead to humans under the religion asserting themselves over other species, and in rare cases killing other species.

Species Rights in Silvism
Limitations Species
Full Rights Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Limited Rights Kemonomimi, Orcs, Tieflings
Few to No Rights Lutrynes, Vulpines, Aurians, Cervines, Felines, Lupines, Ursines, Ailurines, Cava, Symphs

2021 Reform

In 2021 newly elected Korćettan president Aleksy Niezgoda made a deal with Główny Bernard V. This deal included removing human supremacy from the beliefs of the Silvist religion. This caused outrage among the staunch Silvists, but most Silvists welcomed this change.