Queen Wilhelmina

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Queen Consort
Offical potrait made by an Vakrestrender artist
Born (1973-07-15) 15 July 1973 (age 49)
Moss, Nystatiszna
SpouseOlav I
(m. 1997)
IssuePrincess Ingrid
Princess Alexandra
Princess Joan
Prince Johan
Princess Amanda
Prince Henrik
Princess Eva
Princess Ny'Tencømo
Princess Ny'Kandenor
Wilhelmina Ny'hegna
FatherBjørn Ny'hegna
MotherSara Ny'hegna

Queen Wilhelmina (Wilhelmina Ny’Hegna; born 15th July 1973) is the wife of Olav I and Queen Consort of Norgsveldet and its Crown Realms. Born in Moss, Nystatiszna, being raised by her parents Bjørn Ny’Hegna and Sara Ny’Hegna, two prominent civil rights activists at the time. Though not staying long in her home country as the establishment of the Nystatinne Republic (1965-2020) furthered persecution of the kemonomimi people. She with her parents seeked refuge in Osfjord, Norgsveldet in 1978.

Her rise to prominence however came after knowledge that she was in a relationship with the then Crown Prince Olav. Causing major controversy in Norgsveldet at the time, with the king Harald III blocking the two’s pair's ability to marry until finally allowing them in 1997. Being the first ever kemonomimi married into the Royal family of Norgsveldet. In which her relationship with Olav became even more famous with the release of This Commoner Cannot Be This Cute.